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sugar_flMarch 25, 2007

I am just starting WW again.. I have a question I have never seen addressed before. I have to take 4 fish oil capsules a day. They are 20 calories each which equals 2 points total. Any ideas on how to handle that. That is a lot of non-food points.

A friend who is starting with me also takes the fish oil & said she wasn't going to count it.. what would U do?


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Truthfully I would or wouldn't count them as I saw fit and here is why...we do need some fat and the fish oil is soooo good for you but I think you should recalculate your point there and see if it is correct...now if I can squeeze it in with counting one point I would count it, but if I needed one point to eat my entree for the day...I wouldn't....but I have my own little WW's program worked out that works for me...and ask yourself questions like ....am I losing by not counting it or if not..try counting it for a week or two and see what happens.....also I generally exercise and get a few points that I don't necessarily use and also I never use any descretionary points....It just works for me and I think if you play with it...you can make it work for you...WW's is a guide line for your lifestyle but you can also tweak it to make it work for you once you learn the program...like for instance...WW's does not make taboo sugar...but I know it is not something I should eat because it is a trigger for me so as part of my WW's program I totally eliminate sugar...Also when you first start...you may need those/that point to get through the day so try not counting it...and if you are losing good, then try to count it and see if you are still losing...

I take 3 tablets and I do not usually count them but I think you might have calculated yours wrong...or at least I calculate it differently ...check yours again..

1 serving fish oil tablets equal... =2

fiber grams......0
Calories ....2 tablets = 20 cal x2=.........40 calories
Fat grams ....2 tablets =2 grams X2........=4 grams fat
according to my calculations you daily tablets should equal 1 point..

or perhaps I am not figuring it correctly but after all this rambling my answer is...starting off...I wouldn't count the point.....if I wasn't losing...then I would start counting it ...

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Sugar, I would not count them, I do not believe they are going to make or break your diet. As Ruthie says if you are not losing then maybe you should count them. Me personally I would not.

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It is 4 capsules & 20 each=80 calories & that comes out to 2 points for the 4. Anyway as U & lunchlady said I think I won't count them & see what happens.
I have done WW before & was going to classes BUT as soon as I quite U know what happened. I am doing it on my own with a friend & just using free info off the net. There is lots of info out there.
We found Applebees to be a good place to eat but a little pricy.

Here is what I had today. They have a WW menu & I don't see how they do it as it sure doesn't taste like it is so few points..

Onion soup=3 POINTS(applebee Weight watchers)
Steak (4 OZ), Potato, Broccoli, Mushrooms, gravy=7 POINTS
(applebees Weight watchers meal)
I won't get the soup often but did for Sunday. I sure got a lot to eat for 10 points.
I am allowed 28 points but in a week or 2 I should drop down to 26. I only ate 21 yesterday & went to Applebee then also.
It helps having a friend doing it with me (plus places like here.) We live in the same Apt building.
Thanks for the answers.

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Well you might even consider changing brands because mine says serving size = 2 pills and the information on the container says 20 calories so there are 1000 milg caps out there that are 20 calories for 2 tablets...

but I really believe you shouldn't concern yourself too much because you will have flex points and exercise points...If you don't lose or stop losing then think about it..I admit though that I get off track a lot and as I get closer to goal, I'm lax...

Keep us posted on how your journey goes....I am down to 149 from 171....

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You are right!! I was reading it as each pill was a serving. What I am using now is Omacore which is a perscription & very expensive ($130 a month) the Dr is giving me samples so far. I am taking them trying to get my trigliserides(sp) down which it is supposed to do.. After 8 weeks they were up so he gave me 8 weeks more & said if that didn't bring them down we would try something else. Unless he says NO I plan on staying on regular fish oil even if He changes me. Even if they come down I'll have to go on regular Fish oil unless he gives me more samples.

Thanks for getting me straight LOL

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sugar...I'm curious as to what makes your Omacore supplements better and more expensive than regular OTC supplements....Did your doctor tell you?

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1 spoon of healthy oil is now a big part of the new WW. And I do count it when I get it into my daily intake as part of, say, oil and vinegar on a salad or something like that.

I'm not sure but I hear it really helps overall health, even if not weight loss.

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