Hungry before bed

ms_minnamouseMarch 25, 2009

How do I stop getting hungry when I'm trying to get to bed? It's really annoying! Sometimes I can't eat a large dinner or many snacks and some times I can but I keep getting hungry anyways. I try filling foods but they don't seem to help.

And I can't stand those foods that are "created" to make you feel full because they all taste like chemicals to me. I'm talking about ones with artificial sweeteners, etc.

I also can't eat or drink things that will keep me awake.

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Do you eat breakfast? I find that eating breakfast does help to keep me from getting hungry later in the day.

What do you mean when you say you eat "filling" foods? Are you eating lots of vegetables and high fiber foods? I think that helps, too.

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I used to have good luck with 2 slices of 40-cal-per-slice toast, with all-fruit jam on them.

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I was one who had to have small meals all day long, including at night, in the past. I have what's called "reactive hypoglycemia," meaning that when I eat carbohydrates/sugars/starches my body responds quickly to process those carbs. I get a brief energy boost, but then lose it shortly afterward and begin to feel hungry and in need of more. So, small meals helped me managed that situation, but also kept the cycle going.
The only way I've been able to avoid getting hungry so often is to just cut out the things that trigger hunger signals in the first place. So I started the Atkins diet and limited myself to 15-20g of non-sugar carbs per day (about 12-15g come from non-starchy vegetables; the rest from dairy products like cheese or from eggs or salad dressing).
I've now started moving up the ladder, adding a few more carbs in. I'm doing 20-25g per day, still mostly from vegetables. I never have actual hunger pains anymore, so it is much easier to make it through the evening without snacking on anything. The only issue now is "social snacking." If I'm around others who are eating late, sometimes I want to, to be involved, but it's not because I'm actually hungry.

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Don't worry about being hungry. It will pass. Oftentimes hunger is just a conditioned response. Your body is used to eating at a certain time, and you feel hunger then. If you wait it out you will get past it.

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I sometimes get that "want something but not sure what" kind of feeling. What I do is get busy using your hands in such a way that makes eating food impossible. Mop floors, clean bathrooms, fold laundry, iron clothing, stuff like that or go to bed early. I have trouble sleeping at times, so reluctantly, I will take a chunk out of a tylenol pm and use that to relax me enough to sleep.


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