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imabcgalJanuary 25, 2007

I purchased after Christmas this year, a Janome 350 E [embroidery machine] which comes with a USB port and 1000 designs built into the computer on the machine. They also have a read/box for over $400.00 in the store [which I did not purchase] so if you want to save designs from your computer, to upload to the embroidery machine.

I was told at the store I bought the machine, that one could purchase a usb connection cord. Only one wee problem, the usb cord would have to have two female jacks, as the norm usb cable cords have a male and female jack. Future Shop said they are made but they were out of stock. Went to office depot and few other stores with no luck.

Then I tried London Drugs, the salesperson was so helpful. I suggested I buy a Transcend Memory stick. Which I did.

They range in priced depending on how much memory you purchase. This is quite the little gadget, about the size of a bic lighter!

It works fine to save designs from a cd onto my computer, then tansfer to the Transcend stick and then plug it into the embroidery machine.

Well now that I have written a short story, this is my problem. I can not save freebie designs from the net on my computer, as it doesn't reconize the file extension .sew or any other related file extensions I have tried. Saving it as a jpeg does not work as it doesn't include the stich or color format. Help!

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That's strange - I've been successful with freebies. Have you used the explore command in the folder you downloaded to? You may find that the file is actually there and you can transfer it to the stick. I've had to do this several times with freebies. I'm new at this too - my machine is a week old.

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hollyinontario ~ Thanks for the quick response.
In folder, the file extension nor the program I wanted to open with, was not in the drop down window on my computer. I updated Adobe reader to 8.0 which I hope will solve the problem.

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I had to add the file extensions to recognized files. I just double checked how to do it. It's done through Control Panel, folder options, file types, add, type the extension in and click okay. Don't worry about icons, they take up disk space anyway--cute but a disk space waster.

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