HP Photosmart All-in-one printers

mandz2January 26, 2007

Does anyone out there in the real world have any feedback on the HP PhotoSmart printers? I'm considering buying one but wanted to know about quality, printer heads, ink usage. That sort of nonsense. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Go to the website noted below and read up on all of them.

Go to THIS WEBSITE and see if this answers your question.

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HP makes a good printer, and they finally caught on to the idea of long-life inks. If you plan to print photos or other "art" that you intend to last a long time, research the quality of the ink offered by the manufacturer. Some inks will not last more than a few months before fading or changing color.

AFA ink usage, be aware that many HPs come from the factory with "starter" ink cartridges which are not anywhere near as full as the replacement cartridges you buy later. HP still includes print heads as part of the cartridge, however, so when you change out the cartridge, you change out the print head. HP carts are more expensive, as a result, but you don't end up dumping the printer because it needs an expensive print-head replacement.

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