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haldJanuary 31, 2005

Can someone compare the Viking 910 and 936 sergers for me? I am leaning towards buying the 936. I think the upgrades might be useful. Also, I was told these machines can sew on fairly heavy leather; is this accurate?

I am definitely getting the Scandinavia 300 sewing/embroidery machine with the usb card reader\writer, & software called 3-D Designer. Should I immediately upgrade to the higher software program?

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It has been ages since I looked at the 910 & 936 so not sure what extra features on the 936. I have the 1002LCD also the 1003LCD and as I recall the newer serger models are heavier, but there wasn't enough difference for me to upgrade as I don't use mine that much anymore I seem to have cut way back on my sewing!
As for the software-it would depend on what your computer is XP? ME? -which...we have discussed here in the past that XP doesn't support the older versions of customizing.


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I have the 910, and looked at the 936. For me it wasn't worth the extra money for the 936. If remember right the only differnce was the 936 has a cover stitch, and the 910 doesn't The cover stitch was not important to me, but it is for some people. So I guess it's what you really want.

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