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Wild_ChickenMarch 7, 2011

Hey Guys!

Time to start the week!

1. What are you reading?

2. What are you listening to?

3. What is your favorite kind of Girl Scout cookie?

1. I am going to read a garden design book this week to try and motivate myself to plant some seeds in my yard!

2. I am listening to Pandora, like I do every day. I go between my Sting, Steely Dan, and Keiko Matsui stations wile I work - it keeps me in a good mood!

3. Love the Lemon, but Thin Mints are sooo good. I bought a bunch of boxes from my neighborhood Girl Scouts, but I haven't really had a craving...hoping to get through :the season" without indulging this year!

I had a great weekend with old friends, but after the pictures were taken and I looked at them, I was amazed at my SIZE---WHAT???- oh, well, just more motivation for me! :-) I stayed on track all weekend!

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Good Monday all,

BJ, thanks for getting us going today!

I had a wonderful weekend with our new family! They are all settling in well. They are so sweet and so much fun. Hours of entertainment. I will post a video to YouTube soon for you to see.

Right now I am reading, Sexy Forever by Suzanne Somers. Very interesting read.

I mostly listen to Sirius Radio channel 16 Deep Tracks! It brings back lots of great memories. BJ, I love Keiko Matusi and have many of her albums.

I don't have a favorite GS cookie and am grateful that I am not tempted by them. DH loves the thin mints and his mother gives him a CASE each year for his birthday. Sigh

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Good morning.

Have walked my 5 miles and getting ready to go to chemo with DH.

For those of you, like me, who love the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. Murray makes a sugar free one that tastes very close to the real thing. They really are good, and also cheaper than Girl Scout cookies. We can't get enough of them.

I'm not reading anything, although I have a stash of books my mom gave me to go through.

Last week on American Idol, contestant Lauren Turner sang an old Etta James song, "Seven Day Fool." Great, great song that Barry Gordy of Motown fame wrote specifically for Etta. I can't get the song out of my head and it makes me want to order the original Etta James version.

I watched PBS last night, the silver anniversary of Les Miserables - it was so good. Such beautiful music, especially "Bring Him Home."

Take care and have a good week.

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Good morning everyone!

Wodka, glad to see your post. I continue best wishes for a positive outcome. Isn't music powerful? I love music to wind down to help lift a mood.

Thank you for posting the pictures of the babies - too funny standing on Mom's back.

I'm down 2 lbs this week. Still focusing on my portions and healthier options. Very happy.

1. I'm reading "Gardening when it counts".
2. Listening to almost silence - the blower on the wood stove. Reminds me - going to turn it to low. And the sound of snow melting in clumps off the roof.
3. Have not seen girl guide cookies in a long time. None in our new country home area.

Wild Chicken, don't worry about the size - it's what's inside that matters most. Keep the faith girl! LOL

Have a terrific day - the sun has finally broken through here....Yaaaaaayyyy!!!!

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NHSuzanne-Photos are too cute! When those babies are teenagers, they'll be telling HER to get off THEIR back!

Wodka: Great job on the walking! Always thinking of you...hang in there.

Peg: Yeah, I do know it's what's inside that matters most...there's just TOO MUCH inside of me right now...lol!

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suzanne, I forgot to comment on your beautiful new "family members!" So cute!

My husband's platelets behaved, so he was able to get both chemo drugs today. We were there from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. He managed fine, even went on into work afterwards.

BJ, thanks - if I didn't walk, there's no telling what I would weigh. Weekend was not very disciplined - lots of M&M's, red beans and rice with sausage and garlic toast, etc. (Also, I am a Steely Dan fan from way back!)

Peggy, congrats on your 2 pounds lost. You have really got your head on straight, don't you!

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Wodka---I think green M & Ms count for vegetables...yeah, that's it! Glad everything went well and he was able to get the chemo treatment. Thank heaven for small favors.

MY SIL is in a cancer trial right now (for a very aggressive cancer) and when her platelet count fails, they will not give her the chemo. Sometimes, she cries and begs them and they give the chemo to her, against protocol. It makes my heart hurt. She just wants to see her daughters graduate high school - 3-1/2 more years of life...not much to ask...

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A very MIA checking in.......

Suzanne, I love the pictures - as always.

Jan, glad you are walking. You and DH remain in prayers.

BJ, I have a childhood friend with a very aggressive cancer who is in her final trial. She has 2 sons, one in college and one in high school. I think they are what keep her going because she should have been dead 5 years ago - thank God she's not. Prayers for her and your family. Congrats for staying on track this weekend.

Peg, congratulations on your loss! I am actually on Day #1 (again) of just watching what I am eating. I am seriously considering giving up "junk" for Lent. I did that a few years ago.

Right now I am reading The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson. I really enjoyed The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo so I jumped into this one even though the first book was slow going at first.
I am listening to an eclectic mix - not much of anything in particular but a little bit of everything.
I LOVE Thin Mints - a serious weakness for them. Jan, I will have to check out those cookies by Murry's.

Time has flown by - it's March already - unbelievable.

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BJ, thanks. That's using a lot of imagination to turn green M&M's into "vegetables!"

So very sorry about your SIL. We will keep her in our prayers that the clinical trials work.

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Hello Everyone:

It's been several months since I posted here, or anywhere else. I go through phases and I gave-up losing weight.

This past Thursday eve. I told my best friend that Today, Monday, I was going to return to the lifestyle that caused me to lose 47lbs in the 60 weeks prior to Oct 5,2008. My divorce put it to a screeching halt.

I eat or drink anything I want, encouraging water, juices, and Sierra Mist or Fresca. Exercise on my Gazelle Freestyle for at least 30 minutes a day. AND Most importantly, NO EATING FROM SUNSET TO SUNRISE. I can have water at night. I tried to do this the last time I logged on here, but then got distracted and quit. I'm going to try it again and hope all ya' all don't mind me cutting in. I also read a piece done by a News crew about how a specific Acai Berry Diet with a colon cleanse helped the volunteer lose 25 lbs in 4 wks with no special diet or strenuous exercise, so I will try to add these elements to my efforts. She swares she had tons of energy, thanks to the de-toxing.

I got on the scale today and I weighed in at 227. the most I've ever weighed in my life. My goal is 175 (and a tighter tummy).

BJ: congratulations on stying on track all weekend.
nhSuzanne: the pics are a delight. I enjoy watching baby animals.
Wodka: congratulations on such a walk every day!!! Our local news just did a piece on a United Kingdom "ice cap" that helps pts. keep their hair while going through cancer treatments. Good thoughts to DH.
mcpeg: Congratulations on the 2 lbs.

1. I recently found-out that the Chronicles of Narnia has six books in the series, so I'm checking them out from the library.

2. Spirit Flutes, Native American flute music, & my own wind-chimes. The flute music is very soothing.

3. Lemon!!!

I promise, if I'm stepping on any-one's toes logging in I will leave you in peace; just let me know. I will try to not be so long winded next time too. l.marie

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Welcome back Marie!

This door is always open. I've come and gone over the years. There's always friendly faces of support, hugs when you need them, tears at times when we're sad and lots of love to help each other through life's tribulations.

Recently the group description was that of a sisterhood, even though men are welcome too. (BTW if any are lurking and want to join us on your journey - come on down!)

Wodka glad to hear the chemo went well. Walking is therapeutic for me - I hope it is for you too. LOL

BJ I am sorry to hear about your SIL. I sent prayers to her and family.

Donna it doesn't matter what day you are on - just keep sticking with this - the past is the past. Today is a fresh start. We trip, we fall and then get back up, dust the pants off and just get at it. No regrets. One foot in front of the other. No matter what. I've been roller coasting for the last decade. Every winter I go back on a diet. I'm up, I'm down. The last 5 years I've managed to keep a few pounds off so the following winter I started a few pounds lighter than the rest. I'm now into a healthy weight range but the lifelong 'take care of Peggy' habit is becoming a habit more and more. I will always be on this challenge but I do it for Peggy. I can remember my highest weight and how I felt. Pretty damn crummy. Sometimes it was just overwhelming to start again. Sometimes I gave up. Sooner or later I'd get so pissed at myself for giving up I'd come back and try again. Such is life. But each year got a little better. More so than the weight loss has been the opportunity to meet everyone and feel a part of family, hug each other as dearest of friends. So it doesn't matter where we start - it's really the fact that we are recognizing our needs - finally - and taking better care. Don't we all deserve that? A few moments of 'me' time.

Don't give up anyone. Just keep that foot moving forward. Stop being so hard on yourself - I could write a book on that one (I'm sure all of us can).

Let's march on today. Take 5, breathe and then breathe again.

Love ya!

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Hi everyone and the best to all of you.

Yes, peggy, your remarks reminded me of that song - Yesterday is history, to-morrow is a mystery and only this moment is mine. I do think we all have to save sometime for ourselves.

My weight has fluctuated a lot this winter, up 2 pounds, down 2 pounds. I know I haven't cut back on my calories, but feel I need the 12 or 1300 that I am eating, and haven't been able to get out and walk because of the ice and snow and the surgery, etc. but have mangaged to walk the last 2 days. It felt really good. To say the least, the dog was very appreciative as well

I have been out to a couple of pretty big meals this last week and decided I was going to enjoy them and worry about it later. I weighed this morning and held my own. That is still up 4 pounds from before Christmas, but I swear I will get it off when the weather is a bit better to be outside.

All the best to all of you and hugs to all who need one. Most of us do, I think.

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Good Wednesday all,

Sounds like everyone is having a positive week and moving forward well.

Peggy, thanks for the pep talk!

I have been busy with life and I am totally smitten right now:

I know awwwwwwwww

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....so, so, SO cute!

Hi everyone! Welcome back all of you MIAs! Good to hear what everyone's up to.

I was gone yesterday. My youngest DD got her braces off! Last one!

Now I have to get back to work! Catch up!

Down 6 pounds on Suzanne Somers' plan! Did Tae Bo Cardio DVD last night---with DH. We locked ourselves in the TV room so our kids wouldn't laugh at us! We have to do SOMETHING! lol.

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Good Thursday all!

Welcome back Marie. You are always welcome here!

It's snowing again. I would love to have an endless summer instead of an endless winter for a change! LOL

Jan thinking of you and DH and hoping all is well. xxx...ooo

BJ, are you reading Suzanne's new book? If so, do you find it as interesting as I do?

Marci, missing you girl.

Today I am staying in a starting my seeds!! Finally it's time. The smell of the soil will make me swoon. I am also going to order my chicks. I am getting 14 and 4 of them are going to be new breeds for me. I just love having baby chicks around.

I probably should get some housework done sometime in between!

Have a great day everyone.

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Love, love, love coming here to check in.

Welcome Marie. You are always welcome to jump in. Please feel free.

BJ~Sorry to hear about your SIL.

NH Suzanne~I'm smitten with your new family members too.

Ivamae~You will get there. Determination!!! And as BJ told me, "Looking forward, not backward!"

Peggy~You are my favorite cheerleader! Donna~Glad to see you post. We need to catch each other up. :)

All of our books are packed up so not reading anything right now.

In the car we listen to Syrius radio & normally have it on the 70s station.

I always loved the thin mint cookies but haven't bought any in years b/c they taunt me. I want them.

We went to the Strawberry Festival yesterday & the pictures of me are awful. I had been doing great but the past few weeks with saying goodbye to everyone & eating sweets with them has turned me back into a whale. Cannot wait to pick up the "girls" & start walking them!!! Two more weeks & we will be on our way. Hope everyone considers themselves a SUCCESS for today! Give yourselves permission. It can change your outlook & attitude & make you feel much lighter inside & out! Try it. Patti :)

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Suzanne....awwwww, is right! Are all three of them new to you? Sooooooo cute.

Jan, as always your DH is in my thought and prayers. BJ, your SIL will be also. My brother has been doing clinical trials for many years and has done wonderfully with them. He has non-hodgkins lymphoma and has been battling it for 18 years. He truly is my hero.

So right now I am reading Water for Elephants and I can't wait to read the newest Jodi Picoult book, Sing me home. I also listen to Pandora at work (I typed in Dreamboat Annie by Heart and the selection of music I get is perfect for me, plus low key to have at my desk). As far as the cookies go, I have never had one that I didn't like. I am a real cookie junkie. DH bought 10 (yes 10!) boxes of the caramel delites and I have only eaten about 3 (cookies, not boxes!). I absolutely love the lemon and who doesn't love the mint. I did figure out the points and each Girl Scout cookie (no matter what flavor) has about 2 WW points. I know, kill joy, right!

Anyway I am down 14# doing WW. I had a good loss this week, 3.2#. I am really excited about it this time and my attitude has been great. This is a HUGE success for me. I have a ton more to go,but I don't think about the big picture. Baby steps.


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I am still away but had to check in. Glad to see a lot of action here. I will be back to reality tomorrow, but it has been a long 2 weeks and am ready to come home.

While on vacation I have read, The Third of the Dragon Tattoo (Hornets Nest), Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, and 1/3 of the Glass Castle (my Kindle broke). Now I am reading The Distant Hours.

I am listening to the Tsunami warnings on TV right now and hope all my Hawaii and West Coast friends are safe.

Favorite GS cookies are definitely Thin Mints. I no longer buy them. We buy cookies and the Girl Scouts donate them to the Troops.

Besh, one of my all time favorite books is Water for Elephants. congrats on your loss.

Suzanne - there are a ton of adorable goats in Aruba, I took pictures a couple days ago. Your's are sweet, thanks for sharing. Looks like they made themselves right at home. My Dr. said not to bother with the patches that SS recommends in her book. His feeling on the supplements were to just take a very good multi-vitamin and all those mentioned in her book should be included.

BJ - congrats on SS! Are you following her new rules? You can now have some sugar free Peanut Butter and I have found that has gotten me through times of temptation. Hope you are on safe ground.

Jan - my thoughts remain with you and DH. Glad he could get his treatment.

Hugs and my best to all.

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Good Friday!!!

Besh, congrats to you on your success! Good for you girl. Yes, all three are new to me. DH got them for me for Valentines day. They were three weeks old yesterday! I am really having fun with them.

Patti, you and Dave must be so excited about your move. You have been waiting for this time for years. Maybe there are goats and donkeys in your future!

Today is raining and the flood watch continues. Many rivers are cresting and there are tons of ice jams. I am sorry for anyone who gets flooded but I am happy about melting snow and warmer temps.

What are your weekend plans? Nothing special for me just having fun at home with everyone.

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Good morning.

Good news. My husband had labwork done this morning and then met with his oncologist for the results. She was extremely pleased with the results, even the platelets are behaving themselves. So, Monday's chemo is still "on."

Thank you all so much for praying for us. I know prayer is making the difference.

I hope that none of you are in harm's way because of the earthquake and tsunami. How frightening. I have not seen the latest since we were out, but I imagine the news will be worse in Japan, as the day goes on. God bless them.

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Hi from vacation in Florida

DH and I are having such a great time! aCcording to readings that he takes, my blood pressure is much better..so what can I learn from this? Work is killing me!!!!

Sending out hugs to all who need them.

Let's count blessings today...so much horror and sadness going on in the world.

Love ya! Sisters!

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Happy Weekend!

Great to read the posts - all of them. Jan that is great news - keeping my fingers crossed for Monday.

I know it's tough when those pounds hang on and don't move. Never beat yourself up - focus on eating well, doing something for yourself and when you can - get moving. Spring is coming no matter what so we can poke our heads outdoors again (those of us in messy conditions). We're enjoying a lovely March with nothing but rain/snow/ice/rain/snow/rain/rain/snow/rain.....dull dull dull. Thank heavens for my S.A.D. light - full spectrum for dark days to help my hormones think I'm on a beach. Heaven. Chomping at the bit to get out to do thinks but it's too wet. Our fields have pools in them (hubby chopped some ice in the field so it could drain into the culvert further down (leads back into the lake system around here). I'm not on a lake - just old farmland returning to forest. Had a day where our long drive was fit for downhill ice sledding - olympic style of course. We poured a bag of salt down each tire tread side. Water moved it along but helped. Things are drying, evaporating. More rain this afternoon with snow this evening. I was thinking of saying to hell with it all and just throw my clothes off and do a lap around the house naked, but I thought dear hubby would not understand. Let alone I'd probably scare any wildlife for miles. See what happens when your drink too much caffeine? Enough silliness.

Next Friday DH goes for his leg scans - for his heart episode. All that talk about quitting smoking, trying to eat better is out the window. You can lead a horse to water....for him if it's not looking cheesy forget it. Guess I better get a CPR course or at least a good bathroom plunger (heard some kid revived her dad that way). I joke about things I have no control over because I can do no more.

Speaking of activity, I should get off this couch, play with my seeds, do some laundry, and choose from any 6,000 things to amuse myself and shake my fanny. Oh and get some good tunes on while hubby is playing in his shop....where's my Merle Haggard....

Hang in there everyone. Good, bad or even naked ugly - let's keep on moving.

I love ya guys, I really do!

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Wodka,still praying for you and hubby!

WE are now in Orlando where we met my sis and BIL who are down for a week. Looking forward to some relaxation and Phillies games...last week we saw our METS.

Blood pressure is still normal, which is amazing!

Hope you all have a great Sunday!

welcome him, Raeanne.


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