Where is everyone?

tripletmom83February 23, 2013

I was excited to see there was a diet club. I thought it would be great to have a place to get moral support, share our successes and slip ups, and just get general tips and advice. But it seems like there are hardly any new posts. Is there anyone out there?

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Hi tripletmom83 I'm here! I've been on again off again following a low-carb diet and it seems to be the only diet that works for me. I have a wicked sweet tooth and if I only remove sweets from my diet, even for weeks on end, I don't lose any weight. Once I eliminate flour, rice, potato AND sugar, then the weight comes off. Now I need to include some exercise and I think I will be well on my way to a healthy body for the rest of my life. I've been on a low carb diet since around August and have lost about 30 lbs. I feel so much better about how I look and feel, no more bloating. I'm just having trouble getting motivated to exercise...you?

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Hi Sameboat. Congrats on your weight loss. I lost about 30lbs ten years ago when I turned fifty. I said to myself "I can be fat, or I can be fifty, but I am not going to be both." I did it back then by just cutting down my portions, and giving up regular soda. But over the past couple of years the weight is creeping back on. In January I made a commitment to get back into shape. It seems much more difficult now to lose weight than it was then. I know that I can't do anything to lose weight that I won't be able to do for the rest of my life, because the weight will just come back. That's why I don't think I could eliminate carbs. I've cut back on my portions, stopped eating desserts at night, incorporated more fresh veggies and fish into my diet, and this time, I am working out regularly. I have a Wii, and I exercise with the WiiFit plus, and with Just Dance 2. I like that I can do it in the privacy of my own home, anytime I want, and I don't have to be outside in the cold. Plus it's fun. So far I've lost about 8 lbs. But I've seen quite a big difference in the way my clothes fit. The "muffin top" is gone!
I love my Wii for exercising, but if you don't have one, maybe some DVDs with dance type exercises would be fun. I don't have room for exercise equipment and I'm too lazy to go to a gym. When the weather is better I will start walking outside. But you are right. getting motivated really is half the battle.

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ooooh a Wii sounds like fun. I forgot all about those games. I ought to check out eBay and see if I an snag one for short money. Yes, the nice weather will be here soon enough and walking is FREE! I don't go to a gym either. If I don't do crunches and jumping jacks in my family room, what makes me think I'll actually drive somewhere to do it? lol. A couple of years ago my friend and I went to the YWCA and took two rounds of water aerobics. It was pretty fun, and in the middle of winter it's nice to smell chlorine. Just think bathing suit weather is around the corner! This is the first time in many years that I've actually looked forward to it. I usually cry trying on bathing suits. It's quite a scene. I'm 5' 2" so if I can reach even 125 lbs I will be pleased. I am at 134 now and haven't been this light since before children, 19 years ago...keep up the good work resisting soda! That's a hard one but think of all the sugar they contain. I've been drinking lemon water with a little Splenda in it. I don't like to drink water but with a little lemon it's a taste of summer.

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I'm kind of torn about diet soda. I don't drink a lot, but when I do it's diet. Some people say that equal or nutrasweet is really bad for you. Others say it's very safe. Then there is splenda. Is that safer?
You are brave Sameboat. I haven't worn a bathingsuit in years. I'm just not a beach person. I'm 5'4"and am down to about 140. I'd be happy to get down to 130. This week has been kind of tough. We had the kids birthday Sunday, and there was cake. And then there was left-over cake. Thankfully, it is gone now, but I hate to tell you where it went. So now I have to get back on the horse.

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Just do it. I get en automated email every day from a web site called HabitForge.com. For free you can log in, set up a habit you want them to track, get a daily reminder and then it asks you at the end of the day how you did. Let me tell you just seeing that progress tracking each day is a motivator. After three days you don't want to blow it, and once you hit day 21 it becomes a lifestyle change. It really does! It holds me accountable (virtually). Just think, if you can make it to Easter how good you'll feel. Then you set another goal - 1st day of summer? July 4th? The day will come, whether you watch your eating habits or not. So why wait another minute to be on your way? I don't think 140 lbs at 5' 4" is very heavy at all. You've done well!

I prefer Splenda. It satisfies my sweet tooth and as for safety, well I don't know. There are probably worse things I could be doing like smoking and drinking. And besides, we KNOW sugar is poisonous to our bodies. Could Splenda be any worse? I don't think so.

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I like your attitude Sameboat. Had to go out of town for a few days, but just before I left my daughter sent for a new Wii dance game with all Abba songs. It was here when we got home tonight. Can't wait to try it. That will certainly help get me back into motion.
I'll try that website you mentioned, but my WiiFit sounds quite similar, you set your weight loss goal and it keeps track. It really is cute. And you can enter activities you do on your own and it keeps track of approx. calories burned,

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I haven't had a minute to look up that Wii on eBay but I'm going to. I have stalled in my weight loss and I am certain it is from lack of exercise. I am not taking in any more carbs than the past few months and I am stuck between 130 and 135. It must be my body's way of saying drink more water and get moving! Still too cold out for me to go for a walk outside. The cold air makes me cough too much and my nose runs LOL. Yes, the moon and the planets have to be aligned just right for me to be outdoors exercising. Wii is the answer.

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I know just what you mean about the cold outdoors. This morning Hubby went for a walk outside while I danced to Abba inside. When it warms up I will be joining him.
We've been dealing with kind of a family crisis and the stress has made me feel like eating sweets. You know that "after the day I've had I deserve this" feeling. Not that I deprive myself of all desserts, but I know that I can't eat goodies every night before bed and not gain weight. I am trying to stick with the program as best I can. Did manage to lose another two lbs. this week.
Hope you find a good deal on a Wii. I think you'll really enjoy it. DH and I are going to practice our golf swings on it a little later.

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Two pounds is excellent! And yes, I totally have those days too. I have cheated here and there but when I do, I make sure that it's worth my while. Don't eat the cheap kids stuff. Make it something decadent. Then move on and don't beat yourself up. I actually find that when I've hit a plateau,if I cheat then go back to the low-carb, it sort of gives my body a jump start again. Funny but it really happens. One snack I really have learned to like as a snack that is low-carb are those almonds that are coated in dark cocoa powder. I didnt like them at first butnow I love them. But only about 20. I've tried the cinnamon but they're too darned addictive they're so deliciois. But if I overdue the almonds I feel like at least they're healthy.

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I like those almonds too. Another good snack is Healthy Choice frozen Greek yogurt. I just don't care for yogurt. But frozen is more like Ice cream. You can add a few almonds or walnuts, bananas or strawberries, even peaches. I usually eat granola for breakfast, but I have to be careful. a serving is only 1/2 cup, so I need to measure. I like lean cuisine frozen meals for lunch at the office. Then dinner is usually home cooked meals with lots of fresh veggies, and fish once a week for dinner and once for lunch. Homemade (and semi-homemade) soups are really good too, especially those that contain beans. They are very satisfying for not many calories.

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Today I went out to lunch with a friend and being allergic to eggs, it's difficult to eat out. I have to be careful. I had the most delicious burger with cheddar cheese on lettuce served with a dollop of salsa, avocado, and sour cream. Atkins-friendly, egg-free and delicious! I would never think to put salsa or sour cream on a burger but it really jazzed it up.

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Seemed to have hit a plateau - getting bored with my food choices and not motivated to get out there and exercise. I'm at 130 and how is it that I feel fat and yet I just lost 35 lbs? It must be psychological. It MUST be! Okay today is the day. I am going for a nice walk today. It's finally Spring and I just have to DO it.

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