Cat 5 Connector Questions

peterbogJanuary 24, 2008

Will a normal phone jack still plug into an RJ45? (Ie can I install all RJ45 jacks and have flexibility through a wiring closet to convert as needed from phone to data, vs. having separate dedicated data and dedicated phone outlets throughout the house?)

What do you use to convert CAT 5 wire to - RCA, BNG, etc that are typically found on video/audio equipment?

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Yes, you can use all RJ45 jacks and your phone cord (RJ11) will work fine.

What are you trying to accomplish by converting CAT-5 to RCA or other? Audio/video equipment typically requires a coax type cable (vs twisted pair) unless you use baluns at each end .

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tmnjus: Thanks for the information on the RJ45. Re. what am I trying to do with the cat5:

When I wired the house I put in a coaxial cable and a cat5 wire to areas where I thought in the future I may want to install a security camera. As I now look at security cameras, they appear to come with "50 feet of cable provided." Well I don't want to use their cable as it would be impossible to pull it where I need it and I hopefully have the necessary wires in place.

So my question is whether if I cut their cable, can I get (make)whatever required connectors I need to connect it to the installed coax and cat5 wires? (I know I can get the video signal down the coax...will the cat5 carry the power and audio? Longest run is up to 100 feet from the wiring closet.)

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Why not get ethernet based cameras? If you have the cat5 jacks in the right place, then you're all set.

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