Magnavox Projection TV Lost Picture, sound good

hriceJanuary 16, 2007

I had cleaned the cobwebs out of the back of the set, IE, mirror, cleaned the tops of the tubes. found a live roach sprayed it, some of the spray hit right where the pots are at the back of the mainboard, where the small rgb drive pots are. let it dry out before turning it back on. now the set will have a picture for 5, 10, sometimes even 30 minutes then the picture goes black, sound is still on. I looked in the back there are no filaments lit up in there when it goes out. It is a r?8510ak01 I think it is a 46" tv not quite sure. I can use a soldering iron, to some extent if I knew where to start on this set, I have replaced the tuner with another one from another set I used to have, I still have the main board from the other set for parts I just don't know where to start can someone help

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I to have a simular problem. My father in law can over and looked at my TV

Model# PR3052-A102
Serial# 29283525
Chassis# PTV520-AH01
This is a Magnavox Big Screen

This all started about a month ago. It started getting dimmer and dimmer until it now will not powerup completely. When I turn on the set, we do not here the High Voltage come on, but I do get the green power light on, and when I turn up the volume, I hear static (it is not plugged into a cable line). So, when he looked at it he found that it does not have High Voltage and the Blue CRT/Lens does not light up at the bottom (the other 2 do).When I look into the CRT/Lenses, it is dark. In addition, he found a resistor (R934) burned out. He suggested replacing R934 and possible the Horizontal Output Transistor (Q906). Problem is that we do not know wha the part#/value of these items are as we do not have a schemetic for the unit, I contact and they are looking for one for me. But as for now, does anyone know what I need to do to replace it? Also any other information would be greatly appreciated.


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I have a similar model Philips/Magnavox RM8530-A104 that was recently working fine then suddenly lost picture completely. The sound is perfect. I am not willing to pay $25 plus for a service manual if there is a simple repair available. There is a small glimmer of light in each of the CRT tubes and the 3 Leds on the power board are lit, although one of them blinks very slowly. If there are any suggestions or some simple repair options available out there, I am willing to try them. I am a trained electrical/electronic tech, soldering and use of multi-meters is not a problem. Scopes are hard to come by. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mista Maverick

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I decided to modify the 46" Projection TV by removing only the front screen/plexiglass and internal mirror. Surprisingly, the inside front of most large projection TV's is a large open cavity. I had enough room to build a platform above the 3 CRT's and place a 27" color crt television inside. I maintained the integrity of the electronics inside the projection TV and tapped into audio-input circuit in order to use the speakers as an external sound system for my 27" TV. To tell you the truth, I like the CRT picture quality better, despite the reduction in screen size from 46" to 27"...but at least I have picture with sound now...Problem Eliminated!

Mista Maverick

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