can I join in?

alice62February 19, 2004

Hi, my name is alice, I'm 41, married almost 22 years. We have two children, 19 an 14. I have been struggeling with my weight since my 14 year old was born, I have always said it's that second child that did me in lol. I have gone on and off diets, and excersize plans for 14 years. I always regain, and then some. I'm hoping to make some life style changes, and make it work this time. I'm hoping coming here everyday, sharing with you guys, will keep me motivated to loose fifty pounds, and keep it off.



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Hi Alice!!!!!!!!

WELCOME to Diet Chat! You can lurk or join in on any of the threads---there are a few of them here. You'll spot the posting threads easily. Everyone on SS Daily (Suzanne Somers---in the beginning) is trying or tweaking a different plan, so there's lots of chit chat involved in dieting over there. And the Weight Watchers thread is full of good ideas and insiration. Diet Pals is a fun bunch too.

You'll find plenty of support for your weight loss, plenty of listening ears when you need to vent, and plenty of advice if you have a question.

So just join in!

BTW, what kind of "lifestyle changes" are you making?

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Hi Alice - Welcome to the merry gang of losers!
Please do join us. Ask questions, check out links on various thread posts.
Most of all, don't beat yourself up for any failures but move on - one foot in front of the other. Any time I have food set backs with office/family events or a weak moment - I try to focus on healthier habits again. Never starve yourself, even if you over do it the day before.

Glad to see you joining our merry gang.


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Welcome.......We have a great group for support here and lots of good help.

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Good to have you on board. You can also get some support and advice if you need it!

Best of luck!

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hi Alice!

I post w/ BJ and Dee on the SS daily, and we'd love to have you pull up a chair--we're always yammering about something! :) I've been there since late '98.

The WW group are fun and so are the Diet Pals--there's a great group on this forum, so com'on in!

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Hi Alice! Welcome! I'm part of the Weight Watchers group here and also post on the Diet Pals threads. I also read the SS posts which is a great group also! I hope you stay around and join us.

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Hi Alice and Welcome! I have about 40 more lbs. to go, lost 10 in the past month and a half------just watching fat content and smaller portions, also letting go of my regular pepsi. And I try to exercise, walking and the Joyce Vedral "Bottoms Up" book.

Join us here, listen to our woes and wahoos---we'll all lose together---one pound at a time.

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Thank you so much for the warm welcome, making me feel at home, and the info. I have been lurking here for awhile, and was wondering how the different groups worked. You guys are so supportive and friendly, I look forward to getting to know all of you.
Wild Chicken, the life style changes I am making is to make excersise a part of my life, I stopped drinking pepsi/Coke, One of my major down falls. And rather than a "diet" I really need to eat more healthfully, and I know it is a life long thing so I guess I would rather just think of it as learning how to eat the right things rather than thinking of it as a diet. I have always failed at dieting, as soon as I lost the weight, I would start eating all the wrong things again thinking I'll just have this today, tomorrow I will be good, and then tomorrow comes, and I say oh, what's one more day, tomorrow.....
Before I know it the weight is all gained back and then some. So I know this needs to be a life long commitment.
Unfortunately, I don't have the best genes, diabetes 2, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol all run in my family, so I really need to get my weight under control.
Yellowhair, congratulations on your weight loss, I know exactly how you feel about the pepsi.
What is the Joyce Vedral "Bottoms Up" book about? it sounds interesting.
Thanks again for making me feel welcome,

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Alice we are very happy to have you join us. Good, bad or ugly just keep on trying. Some days will be great some not so great. Really helps to post on those days as well.

We are only human after all.

So do pull up a chair for a chat, get your shoes on for a walk. I have to watch my blood sugars myself and fats. It is a healthier lifestyle I seek to relearn again. Whatever you choose to try, in any form, try to find something you are comfortable with. I can't do these fad diets - I get tired of them and get further discouraged. I am focussing on a balanced eating style. I concentrate more on portion sizes, tastier foods and my favourite expression, even use it with my DH...

I am pleasantly full, thank you and quite happy.
I ask DH are you pleasantly full? Want to wait a bit to decide if you want more? And he waits and then decides more often than not - he is pleasantly full.

I enjoy the weightwatchers desserts - they look small but boy oh boy do they pack a punch for taste! Skinny cows are now available here too.

Glad you are joining us. Feel free to join any chat thread. We all love to have more friends.

I am 41 on Monday, started at 157 pounds, have now been holding at 145 (quite happy with this) and hoping to lose a good 15 pounds.

Anyway, will chat more later, gotta go!


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I'm new, too, although I post on other forums regularly. I started WW 2 1/2 weeks ago and have lost 8 lbs. I'd like to lose another 10-12 lbs. Snacking has always been my problem, but with the help of counting points I am now working on it. Exercise also is very important, and I make sure to get at least 30 minutes in each day.


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Sheryl, glad you have joined us! Snacking has always been my problem too. I just graze all day! I've been doing WW for 22 weeks now. (On my own, I haven't actually joined WW.) I think it can be harder to stay with a program when you don't have much to lose. When you tell someone that you are dieting, they will say, "You don't need to lose weight!" And then it's easy to tell yourself that you aren't really that big, and start pigging out again! I think that's why I have always had a hard time taking off my extra 20 pounds and keeping them off, because I was never on a program that I thought I could stay with for life, so it was easy to talk myself out of it. I feel WW is something that I can use for the rest of my life.

Exercise is very important and something that I'm working on. I love to exercise, you would think I would be more regular with it!

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