Need recs for simple landline phone...

Mia8080January 12, 2014

My GE phone, that I've had since 2001 and that I beat the hell out of (this thing has been dropped and had water and coffee spilled on it multiple times) has finally kicked the bucket. I'm looking for a new, corded landline phone. All I want is something sturdy with good sound quality, it doesn't need any fancy features, just looking for a solid, simple phone.

Any recommendations? Thanks. :)

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If it were me, I would seriously consider getting a USED Western Electric phone off of EBay. ( I have two, in addition to several I've owned since the 70's)

I've tossed several "AT&T" Model 230 and other new phones after they went bad (Wouldn't hang up, couldn't withstand the T-Storm ten miles away, etc)

They don't make them like they used to.

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