Magnavox MS3252s Problem

tvhelpJanuary 28, 2007

I have a MS3252S. When i turn it on it screeches and ties to load a picture and will shut off, i have to keep turning it on and off for about 5-10 min. each time it appears to warm up and get closer to loading a picture. It eventually shows the picture and then goes wobbly form the outside of the screen to the inside then shuts off. Eventually it will come on and stay on as long as i leave it. But now after its on for a while its starting to scramble the picture like as if the cable went out , which it is not. It also clicks on and off several times for the fisrt couple attempts when turning it on, i even smelled it burning inside, you know that plastic burning smell, but this only happened once, not all the time. what could this problem be and how much would this cost to have a repair man do it and with parts. Any help would be appreciated.

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tvhelp: With all due respect, what kind of help are you looking for here? With what you described in your post, do you have a schematic drawing of your set and do you have test equipment to make the necessary troubleshooting checks basically needed to come up with a possible determination of your problem? I could tell you to take your TV to a repair shop. Some how I believe you want more information. With your description of the problems, there isn't a simple solution for you to try to do as a user. With that said, I ask you again, what kind of help are you looking for?

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Help in fixing the problem of the TV shutting off. Does anyone know what aprt i need i'm sure someone has experienced the same thing and could tell me what needs replaced, so i can take it to a repair man and not get screwed. I don't know how to fix these things myself or have the equipment.

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Screeches when you turn it ON. OFF and ON for 5-10 minutes to get some kind of a picture. Picture wobbly and shuts OFF. Picture scrambles like if the cable goes OFF. Clicks ON and OFF. Smells like something is burning. Plastic is burning smell. Do you really think one or two parts are going to fix all of the above mentioned problems? It is too extensive of a problem to try and troubleshoot on this forum for someone who has no schematic or test equipment. You need to utilize your time in finding a reputable TV repair shop instead of trying to find a fix on this forum. Sorry.

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