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indygalJanuary 6, 2007

We just bought a HDT79 Hitachi plasma TV. We are receiving the local stations (up to channel 13) in HD through the air with no card or box from our local cable company. Could we receive more channels in HD if we hook up an HDTV antenna? If so, what brand of antenna would you recommend?

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Check out this web site. Enter your zip code and it will tell what antenna is best for your area.

Here is a link that might be useful: TV Antenna

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i had been looking for that site for some time now, thanks for posting it

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Make sure you have the Tv set for "antenna" and not for "cable". You may be able to pick up some UHF HDTV channels too.

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An UHF/VHF antenna is all you need to pick all the free over the air HD TV transmissions.

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Hello: Recently I bought and hdtv exterior antenna with a converter box, but I only receive channel 2-1, 4-1, 4-2, 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4, 6-5 with good signal and channel 24 and 68 with very bad signal. I want to know if I need an hdtv interior antenna to receive all channel available through the digital converter box or if the exterior antenna I have if enough. I don't know what to do. Can someone could help with this? Thanks. Linadiorella.

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I do not have an exterior antenna, and I found huge improvement in reception and number of channels with the Terk HD-TVi Indoor Antenna. I mean HUGE improvement! Especially given its cost of $30 bucks (free shipping at Amazon). I had previously tried other brands (Philips, Zenith, Radio Shack), and of course, the ol' rabbit ears, and none came close to the improved reception of this Terk.

Terk also makes another indoor HD antenna, slightly more expensive, because it is "amplified". It's the Terk HD-TVa Indoor Amplified Antenna. I am not convinced the "amplification" is more than just a gimmick, but in any case both the Terks get great reviews on Amazon.

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Over the air reception of digitally encoded TV signals works the same as over the air reception of analog encoded signals. Reception will be determined by the quality of the ATSC tuner in your digital TV or set-top box, and selecting the right antenna for your distance from the transmitters. There isn't a difference in antennas for "HD" or "analog" encoded TV signals because the carrier frequencies the TV signals are broadcast on are the same. The locations of the transmitters may be different, so use the antennaweb link posted above to determine the right type of antenna for your location.

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