cables, cables, everywhere! (i.e. converter box dilemma)

twinklenoseJanuary 5, 2009

Oh my goodness, have never seen such a mess in my life! Can someone please steer me in the right direction??

Our TV only has one connector place in the back.

We have a converter box, but were not yet using it, since we seemed to pick up more channels without it (albeit snowy).

(outdoor antenna. Depending on weather conditions and time of day, how many channels we'd get....)

Meantime, we had a splitter connected that we'd alternate cables to watch either the VCR or the DVD.

Oh yeah, the DVD requires another gadget (RF something?)

Every one of these devices require hooking up to electricity....

Okay, so now, just for the heck of it, I disconnected the splitter and only have the converter box cabled to the TV. Nice picture, and we have 4 more channels, woo hoo!

Big question: how can I hook up EVERYTHING? Plus, make the VCR so that we could record a program, if desired?

Is there any certain order, as to which should be connected to the TV first? (I assume that would be the converter box?)

Thank you.

I was thinking a 4-way splitter, but still would not be sure about the VHS recording factor....

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You will need to get an A/B switch and maybe a cable or two.

Here goes:

Cable from outside to DTV tuner in.

DTV tuner out to VCR in.

VCR out to A input on A/B switch.

DVD out to RF adapter in.

RF adapter out to B input on A/B switch.

A/B switch out to TV in.

Choose A on A/B switch to watch DTV or VCR.

Choose B on A/B switch to watch DVD.

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I'm just now getting back on here. Thank you for the quick reply. I was so excited yesterday evening, as I'd somehow managed getting everything hooked up and working, was almost jumping up and down with joy and disbelief! It only took 2 MORE cables and a little splitter thing from Dollar Tree! However, I'm going to print out your directions right now and go fiddle with it some more, as I do believe your method will eliminate some of the cables.

I am still trying to figure out something, though: the VCR... how can I get it so that it will record a program off TV, if desired? I thought perhaps, if such a thing exists... a cable with a male on one end and two males on the other, so that the pigtail one could be connected to both the VCR in and out? I called RAdio Shack, but was told they don't have those, so this morning I added two MORE cables and another of those little doo-dads, and it 'worked', but needs major tweaking, as there's too much interference.

Thank you so much!:)

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You are so awesome!
I followed your directions to the letter, and, not only have you eliminated all the extra cables and doo-dads, but, THE VCR RECORDS--AND--we've inherited 3 more channels!! Yippee!!
Oh, I feel so 21st century, ha!!
Free TV!!:)

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