Green smoothies: Your experience?

kitchendetectiveJanuary 16, 2014

I've had a couple of episodes of nausea recently, no vomiting, but I am sort of wondering if the episodes correlate with drinking green smoothies. Both occurred within a couple of hours of drinking the smoothies. The first was a kale and fruit concoction , and the second a kale, spinach , and fruit concoction. Maybe six ounces each. I felt fine while I was drinking them.

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Just the sound of them turns my stomach!

Sorry.... ;-o

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I can choke them down without ill effects, but I don't care how healthy they are - I would rather take a vitamin pill!


PS - I may be putting a Breville juicer, only used 4 - 5 times, on ebay or craigsist!

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We picked up a juicer a while ago, cheap on Kijiji.
We've juiced blends of kale, pear, pineapple, apples, a small chunk of ginger, mango, celery, baby spinach. Almost anything I can think of.

We haven't had any ill effects at all, but a friend of mine was drinking too much, 16 oz, and backed it down to an about 10-12 oz per day. She was having stomach troubles when drinking too much.

This is juicing, though, and I guess you're talking about the whole smoothie thing, with the Nutri Bullet.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Are you used to eating fruits and veggies? What else was in the drink? I have a much larger 'smoothie ' than that every day and have had nothing but benefits....never any problems. 6 ounces is very little! I think that mine is more like 16 ounces.

I assume that you are adding a fair amount of liquid of some kind to the fruits and veggies. My favorite combo is kale/spinach, apple, pineapple, strawberry, and banana. Almond milk is delicious in the drinks, but I usually add water.

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I've had one, and I didn't get sick, but I'll never drink another one to find out.

Whatever ills that's supposed to cure, well, I'll keep the ills and just eat my kale for supper instead.


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1. Sip the drinks, swish it around in your mouth so you activate saliva necessary for good digestion, rather than simply gulping it down.

2. Are you juicing or blending?

3. Vegetables have a cleansing effect. You may need to try using a smaller amount and work your way up.

4. Keep kale to about 1/4 of the mixture and don't mix too many things at once.

5. Too much concentrated fruit juices can affect you like eating a large quantity of sugar, especially on an empty stomach, which might make you feel ill.


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Say, two handfuls of greens, a few quarter inch squares of pineapple, either blueberries or blackberries, a couple of cubes of apple, some coconut water, into the Vitamix. Results imbibed for two breakfasts.

Yes, I eat lots of vegetables, both cooked and raw, but not blended raw ones.

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I don't know about you, but kale wreaks havoc on my system. I can't eat raw cabbage either, but veggies like broccoli and cauliflower are fine. I'm not a smoothie drinker, but I have dealt with tummy issues. My guess is that they are not a good mixture for your gut.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Gosh, it sounds like you are way low on the fruits. I use a couple of handfuls of the greens, half an apple, several pieces of fresh pineapple, half banana, and several pieces of other fruits. I'd guess that I add about half to a cup of liquid. My NutriBullet container has measuring marks to use as guides.

If you are blending a mere 6 ounces, I'd use a big pinch of baby kale or spinach and no more. Unless fresh (or frozen) fruits are a component of these drinks, they won't taste very good. Our drinks are green and sludgy, but the flavors of the fruits rule the taste. Adding a little bit of fresh lemon really helps brighten the taste, too.

The NutriBullet comes with recipes, which were very helpful in teaching me how to build not only a healthy drink, but a delicious one. No one will drink something that tastes like lawn clippings.

By the way, my husband takes his sludgie with him to work. When he first started doing it, others in his department had to have a sample....not believing that he was drinking something that looked so icky and sounded rather vile. They were shocked....just like we were! :-)

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I haven't minded the flavor at all. It's only a couple of hours later that I don't feel right. Each time that I did this, the amount I blended was divided into two portions, so a total of four breakfasts. I went heavy on the greens because I thought that was the point, and because fruit is so sugar laden that I didn't want to pack on the calories and carbs. Casting about on the web yielded a few warnings about building up gradually and feeling a "detox" feeling, but "detox feeling"sounds questionable to me, in general, and especially since I eat a lot of green vegetables away, just not in the broken down, ultra blended form. Rhizo, you are correct, I definitely used a lower fruit content than you recommend. However, the coconut water and pineapple seemed to add all the sweetness I needed, from a flavor standpoint. I'm going to lay off and see how I feel. I was alternating breakfasts between smoothies and steel cut oatmeal. I have not noticed a problem eating whole kale in the past. I hope this isn't something worse that just seems to be coinciding with drinking smoothies. ;(

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Maybe try skipping the kale next time? Just a pinch of spinach.
It's really just a process of elimination and addition to find a good combination.
Pineapple has never agreed with me and banana is ok, just a frozen slice. I LOVE banana but does not sit well on its own. Same with apple. So i make a pretty crazy combo and a bit different using what i have. My system (body/digestion) has a kale addiction in all forms...baked crispy chip, steamed, raw salads. I have a big bag frozen that i lightly steamed and chopped up fine from a big farm stand purchase. I use a pinch of that if i don't have fresh.

And they don't need to be the color green to be 'green'. I used frozen blueberries, grapes and cherry tomatoes. Tbsp ac vinegar, a scoop of yogurt, a squeeze of lime and a slice of ginger. Slice of apple. A pinch of baby spinach and arugula. A bit of water because of so much frozen stuff. That was this morning. DH takes a small granola, yogurt and frozen berries in a jelly jar to work. He poured a bit of my brown eggplant colored sludge on top. Leaves me with about 6 oz. to sip while buzzing around or commuting. My stomach does not handle a large amount of fruit sugars.

I recall you just got your Vitamix? Are you burping it? After blending running it on low for 10-15 seconds. High speed does whip in alot of air. Grainlady has a good point. Just give it more time to consume at first? And smaller amounts till you get used to it. It has the opposite effect on me. Seems to settle my stomach. Too much sugar, too fast, and too icy cold and i would probably puke.
We have a couple Breville juicers at work and they run non-stop for a couple hours. Some can't handle ginger at all and get immediate burps and heart burn.
We all have different tolerances. Sugars on an empty stomach first thing, or some would rather have nothing for a few hours. A small oatmeal first...
Some, somehow, are still standing after a cig and diet coke for breakfast followed by a bagel, a couple-a pastries and a bag of chips.

Sounds like you are putting the same things in that your system is used to. Just a different order in your day.

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That's interesting, compumom. I love kale, but not raw, and I can eat cabbage without problems but raw cauliflower will mess my stomach up something awful.

I don't care a lot for fruit, but I can eat citrus or stone fruits or berries without problem. Pineapple and pomegranate and kiwi make my mouth sore after just a couple of bites. Stop eating it and an hour later everything is fine. Very odd, although my doctor said it was a "food sensitivity", not an actual allergy.

I don't really like breakfast, much preferring a cup of coffee and nothing else until about 10 am. My mother and both of my daughters are the same way, so I'm wondering if it's genetic or just a learned behavior.

At any rate, I'd cut down the smoothies or cut down the greens, and see if the nausea stopped. If so, it's probably the culprit.


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