Size of TV, How far away, & Sizes of Room ??s

gma_jJanuary 22, 2007

I'm sure I have seen this somewhere before and maybe it was on this forum, but I haven't found it by searching.

We are in the planning stage of a new home and would like to have a fairly large TV.

Isn't there a standard for how far back seating should be in relation to the size of the Tv?

Also, if any of you have media rooms or home theaters, I would love to know your room sizes and how you planned your furniture. And pictures, also, if you could share them.

Thanks so much for any information you could pass my way on this. Jeanie

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Assumed hdtv
Sit no closer than twice the diagonal screen size.
3x diag = ideal viewing.

Of course these are eyeball placement squarely in front of the pic ... at an angle you need to sit suprizingly much closer.

Might search for hdtv viewing distance calculator

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Here's something from Crutchfield that might be of help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crutchfield

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Thank you so much for the information. It helps a lot in picking out a size.
Also would love to still see anyone's rooms where they have a larger TV. Thanks, Jeanie

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