Strange loud slurping noise

SAG1April 28, 2002

For a half hour after I use the shower, a strange loud slurping noise comes from the pipes. It keeps getting louder and louder, then stops, then starts up again for about another hour.

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I have a question, are you on a septic or city sewer system? I would also add that you should post this query on the Plumbing forum.

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Clog slowly burping in the drain?

Try a plunger.


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I dont know what it is but I would keep my toes away from the drain, it sounds hungry, sorry I couldnt help

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You waste pipe might not be vented. That causes a slurping or gurgling noise as the water does down the pipes. Common in older houses.

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I don't have anything to add to this. I just wanted to see why people resurect nine year old posts.

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