where's my cyanide?? (vcr and dtv converters)

catherinetJanuary 7, 2009


I fear lots of us "mature" types are going to go crazy figuring out how the hell to tape our shows with these converter boxes.

I understand that if I want to watch a show while I'm taping it, or if I want to tape different shows at different times, I'll need approximately 12 converter boxes. Okay....maybe 2.

Right now, all I want to do is tape a show.

I have hooked the boxes up to several TVs.....no problem.

I have printed off about 8 posts from this forum as to how to do this........but I can't do it!!

I've been sitting on my couch with 3 remotes in my hand, and its gotten ridiculous. I just can't tape anything through my VCR.

Here's the deal. I know I have it all connected right. (Antenna to converter box, converter box to VCR, VCR to TV.

(I don't have any RCA cables hooked up, because there's a set of those from my DVD machine to the TV.)

The VCR is set to "3" in the back. I use the TV remote to set the TV to "3".

I get everything working okay, and then program a show (or do the instant record), and when I watch it, there's nothing but snow on the TV.

I've read posts here that say to set the TV, the VCR, the converter box to channel 3......but then how would the box know what station I want to tape?

I know you're all getting real tired of questions like this, and I'm sorry.

It used to be so easy......now it takes a Ph.D. to figure this simple thing out!

Please help me out with this.

What am I doing wrong??

And I forewarn you that my brain is getting fried trying to figure this out, so I might make increasingly less sense. :)


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ok, see if you cna follow this.

you obviously have everythign hooked up correctly since you cna use the covnerter and see it on teh tv.

FIRST what channel is the converter outputting on? the VCR outputs to 3, thus the switch set on teh back and the need for the TV to be on 3. but what channel is the VCR on? or did you use RCAs fromteh convereter to teh VCR?

so if you want to record something on channel 10-1 do teh following:

set the converter to channel 10-1. program teh VCR to record the current channle/line in at the desired time.

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Hi davidandkasie,
I've become so confused with this that I need to take some time away from it. I'll try again to figure it out and come back at a later date. Thanks for your help.

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Is it possible that the converter box turned itself off before the show you wanted to tape began?

The CECBs (coupon eligible converter boxes) are required by the govt to turn themselves off after a few hours of "non-use" to "save energy". (Ignoring the fact that they use about as much energy than a typical nightlight...) There should be a menu option to turn the feature off.

Also, be sure the VCR is set to record channel 3.

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Thanks wws944,
I didn't know about that auto shut off, but after checking out the menu, its set to off already. Thanks for telling me about that though.
I'm watching a UTube video about how to do this, but I have dial-up, and its taken almost 3 hours to load half of it!
After I watch that, I'll play around a little more and see what happens.
Thanks again.

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