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dixiedollFebruary 8, 2008

please let me know if you have had a postive/negative

experience with joining WW online. I am thinking about doing this and would appreciate input. thank you. dixie

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Have you done WW non-online?
I think it is OK. It depends on if you have discipline without having the peer support/pressure of weighing in in front of someone.

I tried WW online about 5 years ago. It was cumbersome to enter everything in although I'm sure the site has improved. It is good from the standpoint that you get all of the materials and have the site, etc. But, then you are on your own. No one but yourself to be accountable to.

Scary but I must have a stranger judge me by what I eat and weigh to make me work for it. It is very odd, probably some psych. reason, huh?

Other than that, great information, a great program...just need to know what YOU need to lose weight.

Good luck with your decision.

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I am a current weight watchers member. I LOVE the online system! I find it very user friendly. I always thought I ate properly and exercised and couldn't understand why I didn't lose weight. Writing everything down and learning about portions was a HUGE experience for me. I have been on the program since last June and lost 25lbs so far (more than 10% of my starting body weight.) 25lbs in 8 months might not seem like a lot but I really enjoy the program, have learned a lot and am really pleased with the results. I will absolutely continue until I lose the the rest of the weight I need to (30 more lbs). Good luck!!!

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I just rejoined WW and go to their meetings. I also have access to WW online and enjoy the tools there. But, I need the accountability of weighing in in person and hearing about others' successes and helpful hints live. I don't know that I could do as well just online, but if that's the only way you can do it, I wish you success!

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I've done both online and meetings. It all depends upon my mindset. I liked online for the tools and reference materials. I love this forum for support. As much as I loved the meetings, the locations were always a 'drag' for me since I travel by bus. Online was great because I could do it from home. I have purchased the full WW at home package to use the guides and read the weekly booklets. It all depends on what you feel most comfortable with and what you need. My experience with on-line was very positive. Especially to get me going.

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