Sony KV32522 picture problem

ken06January 14, 2007


I have a 32" Sony Model KV32522. When I turn the TV on in less than 30 seconds the picture will shrink to the top of the screen and then dissapear. At first if I turned the set on and off a few times the picture would stay on. Now I can't get the picture to stay on at all. The TV was made in February of 1998 so since it's less than 10 years old would it be worth having it repaired. I was hoping I would get a long service life with a Sony. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be and if it would be an easy fix?

Thank you. Ken

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One of the first things I would look at is the filter capacitors in the Vertical Deflection circuit. Some sets shrink from top and bottom to a center bar in the center. Others will shrink upward or downward depending on which filter capacitor is defective. You need a schematic diagram to identify these Electrolytic Capacitors. Similar to a problem earlier on this forum. Most companies will not carry parts after 7 years if they are specialize parts. Electrolytic capacitors are very common and can be bought, depending on the value, at Radio Shack, Hosfelt, Mouser, All Electronics Corp. and other electronic type stores.

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I believe the model should be KV32S22 not KV32522.

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