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naturelleFebruary 28, 2004

I dropped over here to post my message about low carb bread, and saw you are in good hands here. I browse the Cooking forum, as you know, and have not seen you there. I have often thought about your condition and wonder/hoped everything was going well for you. Have you gotten into tofu, seaweed and the oriental veggies that I was espousing at the Cooking forum? I remembered you liked cheese, so I have to let you know that I tried shredded tofu mozzarella cheese on my last homemade pizza. I had previously tried the other tofu cheese products for imitation cheddar etc (not for pizza), but they could not get me enthused. This mozzarella was surprisingly good, and with a well seasoned tomato sauce, herbs etc. in this type of dish, it does not make much difference anyways. When I opened the package, there was a bit of a funny smell about it and I was misapprehensive, but when baked off it was fine. Of course, there is no fat to give you the mouthfeel of real cheese, but a drizzle of good olive oil helps with that. Lower/better fat, no cholesterol, no lactose, so there's got to be a tradeoff for your health, right? I also am able to have my pizza, without feeling a bit guilty.

I browsed this forum for the first time today, and I think it's great. Nice people. I'll drop by more. Take care, and keep with it, you'll do well.

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....Moving this down. Hope that's okay....


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Hi Naturelle, so nice of you to think of me! This is a great forum with wonderfully caring and helpful people and you really are tops among them.

I have tried the tofu and I tried it in my first Thai dish and it was great! Tofu just takes up the flavor of whatever you are cooking making it wonderful to use.

I have found some soy based cheeses which are really very good.

Thanks for all of your wonderful help and I can always use your suggestions. I am not loosing much weight but I am eating far healthier!

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Ok you have my attention - how are those cheeses?? Fat/point content? Cheese is another big weakness of mine and don't tell me to freeze it - frozen cheese tastes just fine esp the shredded variety.
Beverly, the real reason I got on here was that I saw after reading back posts that you are having trouble cooking after work. I just introduced hubby to a new suprise - a frozen dinner! He lived!! They are much better than they used to be. Get Marie Calendars (not spelled right I think) they are good and he won't mind too much. It's better he eat healthy but sometimes that just does not suit them does it?
When we were kids my Mom would take the aluminum (it has been a long time) tv dinner trays and at Thanksgiving she would make up her own meals and freeze them boy were they good. Course there was gravy over all and that was no diet meal but it made Mom's life a little easier.
There's a Once a week cooking forum if it still remains - maybe they could give you hints.
Good luck! Now tell me about that "cheese" Kathy

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LOL Kathy, I well remember those aluminum trays that the dinners came in. My mother did the same thing!! Actually I can remember doing it myself a few times.

Since I'm not going by points I don't know the point conten in the soy based cheese flavored food. I'm at work so I can't read the wrappers. I will try to look tonight and give you all the low down tomorrow on this. I add the shredded mozzarella flavored cheese to my salads and it makes it so much better. There are some soy based American Cheese flavored slices that I can really sit down and eat the whole pack of them! I've bought some of the cheddar but haven't tried it yet. I will try it tonight and let you know. This stuff melts like cheese also. I have started to think that soy is wonderful and I used to think it was terrible.

I really appreciate the information on Marie Callendar's stuff. I have only tried one of them and it was not good but maybe I'll give another one a try. DH has a sandwich for lunch every day so I hate to feed him a frozen dinner at night. He is such a wonderful DH and before him I had the worst so I know how to appreciate him!

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For soy, here's something you could look into. It's basic soy, as a snack. There are people that absolutely addicted to this, for snacking on watching TV. If you look at the nutritional content, there's a lot of pluses. There are also the purported anti-oxidant benefits, which is really something to say for a snack food. If this is too stark, there is the roasted soy beans, salted and unsalted.

Here is a link that might be useful: edamame

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LOL Naturelle, this is far too stark for me! Sorry, but I tasted this at a Costco and had to find a paper towel and trash can fast. Thanks for trying to be so helpful though. I really appreciate it.

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Did you have the raw one (ugh), cooked like in the article, or the roasted (I get this at the bulk food store, and it's very much like roasted green peas)?
LOL, here's one way that can't miss, it has TWO of YOUR favorite major food groups. LOL>

Sauté edamame in a small amount of toasted sesame oil, coarse SALT and SOY SAUCE over medium high heat until heated throughout, about 3 to 4 minutes.

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I don't know which it was. It look like it had been drug thru some hot water real fast and it tasted raw. I mean to tell you it tasted like a raw soy bean. Ugh!

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That's what it was, just raw. That's like eating a big bean like lima raw, with apologies to the raw foods people. Have you tasted raw anything, like walnuts, almondspecans, walnuts, peanuts, and I mean raw not blanched even? It's a whole different story when any of these are blanched, roasted, or sauted and have salt added.

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I can't eat any kind of raw bean but yes, I've eaten all kinds of nuts raw. I've picked black walnuts and English Walnuts, Pecans, Hickory Nuts and Peanuts out of the shell and eaten them raw. They are very good raw but better prepared.

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