Roof peak is slowly moving apart.

chester_grantApril 25, 2008

I am in the process of getting quotes to put a skylight into the front of the roof of a Cape Cod. The house was built on 1954 and has a shed-extension all along the rear.

The master bedroom has two horizontal beams that I thought were decorative but might paly a roll in holding the walls together.

According to a skylight contractor who came yesterday the roof is moving apart (as a result possibley of the shed extension removing a bunch of equalateral rafters along one side) and from the garden one can see slight bowing along the legth of the gutters. He reckons the roof needs one or more "ties" to hold the walls together. He reckoned its no big deal although the aesthetics of covering up the "ties" might be a challenge.

Any thoughts on this - problems, cost etc? What sort of contractor would one contact?

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Forget the skylight until the roof issue is resolved. You might want a structural engineer.

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Sounds like whoever put the shed extension on removed to many joists.

Pitched roofs produce a spreading force on the structure.
The ridge tries to move down and the rafters push outwards ion the walls.
The ceiling joists (attic floor) are in tension and resist this spreading force.
Collar ties can also be used, but they increase the size of the rafters required.
A structural engineer is probably required at this point to figure out what is going on and try and design a fix.

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Speak with a Contractor about jacking the ridge and installing
support. There are several ways to do it.


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