what to look for in plasma or lcd tv

blucy2January 15, 2007

I am trying to decide on plasma or LCD. I will probably end up with 46" TV because my limit for total width is 50". I think I am leaning toward LCD because room is pretty bright and have read LCD is better for glare. Still open to all ideas, suggestions. Here is what I am confused about.

1. All TV's mention HDMI inputs and they range from 1 to 3, what are these for?

2. Also have noticed some do not mention audio capabilities, others say 2.1 surround and I believe one of the Sony Bravia's I looked at say 7.1 surround. Any audio recommendations to looks for?

3. Some indicated "built in tuner", I have DirectTV, am I understand I need to go through them for HD programming, but will I need an extra box of some sort...or is this the tuner that is built in?

I hate not understanding the technology, I am trying to learn as much as possible so we do not spend a lot of money only to find out we got the wrong item. We will be using this for TV and movies only, no gaming and we do not watch sports as a rule. TV will be mounted above fireplace.

Appreciate any and all ideas, suggestions and thoughts.

Thanks all......

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1. HDMI is the latest in hookup jacks. You can use it to connect your DirecTv tuner and your DVD player to your TV. I believe the latest Sony video game, the PS3, is also HDMI capable.

2. Most of the TVs in the size you are looking at will sound OK. If you want better sound it is advised to look at adding a home theater audio system.

3A. In order to get HDTV from DirecTv you will need replace your existing DirecTv tuner with the HDTV DirecTv tuner. You may have to replace the dish outside, too.

3B. The HDTV tuner in the TV is used for HDTV broadcasts received via an antenna and maybe cable tv.

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if you will be playing any type of videogaming system on it go for an lcd.the plasma's suffer badly with image burning.

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