I've got to start somewhere!

teresavaFebruary 4, 2004

And this looks like a nice place to try! I normally hang out at the KT, so I recognize a few names here.

Lately, I've just felt so unhappy and hopeless about my weight. I've never felt satisfied with my weight, but the past couple years the pounds have just kept multiplying! No one but me (and my doc) knows the actual number-not even DH-I'm too embarassed to admit it to anyone! Not that they can't see it for themselves?

3 1/2 years ago (before my wedding) I went to a nutrionist and lost about 35 lbs, but have slowly gained a lot back!

I've been thinking about doing WW? or following the plan the nutrionist laid out, just basically well-rounded meals. I know that none of those fad diets or pills will ever work (Wouldn't that be nice though??), besides I was too scared to ever try that junk!

It drives me crazy though-I KNOW what I should eat. I know it works, so why am I not doing it? Why am I carrying around this unhealthy extra weight and wearing "fat" clothes?? Why didn't I start to fix this problem when I had 5-10lbs to lose instead of 25-30?? WHY WHY WHY? But then I think maybe if I don't change years from now, will I be wondering why I have a even more lbs to lose??

DH and I go to the gym 2-3 times a week and exercise for at least 30-60 minutes each time. But at one point I was exercising 5-6 times a week (aerobic classes and weight-lifting), and still not losing the weight! It was as soon as I started eating healthy that the weight came off. I could definitely do more though.

ARGH!! It's so frustrating. My DH is one of those people that can eat like a horse and never gain a pound! I'm sure his eating habits have rubbed off on me, but not his high metabolism!

So wish me luck-I'll need it!

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Hi TeresaVA. Welcome to the board!

I also feel really mad at myself for gaining the weight. But, now I just try to keep looking forward. It could be worse, ya know. At least you're making some progress and now in the right frame of mind to start losing the weight you want. That's important.

Several people are doing the WW points. I'm just cutting back on portions and quit my beloved Pepsis. LOL I do have one every now and then if we GO OUT, or I may just buy one small bottle and bring it home.

I have learned the hard way------if it's in the house--I'll eat it. Especially if I don't have an appropriate lowfat substitute. But, I do believe that my taste buds are accepting the diet sodas better-----I went out for lunch today with a friend and got tea instead of coke.

As you know, exercise is really important when trying to lose weight. It sounds like you and DH already have something going on in that area.

You'll get some great suggestions here, there's several people losing weight------we're working together and supporting each other---good days and bad. One pound at a time.

Have a great evening!

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Hi Teresa! I recognize you too. I have one of those hubby's too - when I stand and get a photo with his family I am the one who stands out like this 111o111 haha! Anyway welcome aboard. Kathy_PA

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Hi Teresa - join us at the Diet Pals thread!
I know only too well your dilema and after 3 attempts during the last 3 years and falling off my goal - I got extremely POd at myself. Rather than feel sorry for myself I turned all that anger into DETERMINATION. No excuses.

I love the phrase 'nothing tastes as good as thin'.

I am not striving for thin. I am striving for 'healthy' - something I can LIVE WITH. I count EVERYTHING I eat - good, bad or ugly. I pulled out my WW books, stared, did two weeks quietly to see if I had truely made a commitment to myself...came back to this forum and joined in and then subscribed to WW online to keep myself motivated and enjoy reading their articles. I 'treat' myself to slimming magazines and enjoy their motivation, I have and continue to reward myself not with food but with....

new shirts for work
new earrings (lots of funky ones)
new undies
new 'interim' pants so I look great while losing (I bought the next size down as soon as I could squeeze into them and will take them in on the sewing machine until I can squeeze down further once these can't be taken down anymore without looking dorky.

The new tops have really boosted my moral.

New shoes to pamper my feet.

Refreshed attitude. I feel better about myself.

I know exactly where you are right now and I am reaching out to you hoping to catch your hand. We are in the same boat. Quite a few of us have the same goals right now, looking to shed about 30 - 40 pounds, some more/less.

Please feel free to join us. If ya have a bad day - tell us all about it. We are here for you. If you fall off the wagon, don't beat yourself up. Talk to us. We are helping each other.



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How is it going for you...keep plugging away....

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Hope you're having a good day!

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Hi Teresa,

I'm new here also and I always hung out on the cooking forum and look where it got me! LOL That's not really true, I got myself in this overweight predicament and it was so easy to do. With each pound I gained, I disliked myself more. Then my cholesterol skyrocketed. Then the leg pain started and I found I had a blocked artery. The doctor did an arteiorgram and showed me the pictures of the blocked artery and also the fat buildup in the other arteries. It's an ugly picture! That's when I came to a grinding halt with all the eating whatever I wanted. I realized the blocked artery could have been near the heart and could have been a heart attack and I'm far from ready to die. The doctor said "get on a low cholesterol diet and loose weight" and believe me I am.

Have you had your cholesterol checked? It could be an eye opener and give you even more incentive. I know how difficult it is to diet when you love to eat. And it seems the older I got the better food tasted. I was a ninty-four pound weakling who couldn't gain an ounce until I got in my thirties and then I couldn't seem to stay away from food and it's been that way ever since.

I would never presume to tell you what type of diet to go on but I would suggest that you go on a healthy type of diet which I believe WW to be. I consider some of the fad diets very unhealthy.

You will get lots of support here from these wonderful people. They also have lots of good answers for any diet questions which you may have. Good luck with your new diet!! You can do it!!! ((((((((((Teresa)))))))))


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