Looking for new Microwave... ooops

criticalmass048January 21, 2010

So when we planned out our kitchen, my wife decided she did not want a microwave above the range, due to the several factors, including not wanting people bugging her when she's cooking, people (esp children) using the microwave while there's hot pots on stove, etc. She decided, instead, to mount the microwave further down.

Well, the cabinets are stained and installed, and now that it's time to shop for a new microwave we discovered the problem: The space that we allocated for the microwave is only 24" wide, whereas over the range would have been 30". Now we find that every mountable microwave we look at is exactly 30" wide. Our options are:

a) Remove and get rid of the 30" range vent hood that we purchased (not returnable, since the box is gone) and place a 30" microwave there, then build shelves or something to fill the gap above the dishwasher

b) Get a standard (24" max) microwave and somehow find a custom-made way of mounting it under the cabinet, such as building a little "cubby" to house it in the place we originally intended. The other problem here is safety, with proper venting and such.

c) Maybe there are some 24" microwaves that are under-cabinet mountable that we can't find that somebody can point us to. We're not going to be picky about it, but it would have to be black and/or stainless to fit the other appliances

If anybody has any input to a, b, or c, it would be much appreciated!


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Just do A.

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Some cabinet lines, Kraftmaid for instance, make m/w shelves that mount below the standard cabinets. See the link below for pictures of ours (Kraftmaid). This works very well for us. There's space below it for a toaster oven, and there's still room on the counter in front of the toaster oven for a landing area for the m/w food. If your cabinets are custom, it would be very easy for a cabinet-maker to make one of these. We just replaced our m/w, I believe it's 21" wide or less. There are many choices in m/w's that would fit in that space. The only reason that OTR m/w's are 30" wide is so that they fill the space above the range, and provide a full-width vent hood (which usually doesn't work very well).

Here is a link that might be useful: Steve and Joette's Kitchen Pix

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