Rats live under the deck!

bjenApril 18, 2008

I believe I have rats live under my deck. I see holes on the dirt. Any suggestions? How about the Shake Away Rodent product? Is it very effective?

Thanks in advance for answers.

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put out some bait and traps to kill them. or get a couple of cats.

while you are at it, seal up any holes into your home that are bigger than 1/4". mice and young rats can get in a hole that small, full grown rats require it to be only slightly bigger. if they can squeeze their head into it, they cna easily fit their body thru.

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What kind of holes, shallow, deep? Are the holes like burrows where an animal lives? Or are they shallow depressions? I don't think rats or mice dig holes in the dirt.

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I agree with socks. I have small holes in my lawn from field mice, but the original holes were from moles.

Do you have chipmunks or ground squirrels? They'll dig holes.

If you use bait, be sure no other animals have access to the area.

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We had rats under our shed for awhile. My hubby poured antifreeze down the holes and filled them up. We haven't seen one since.

*He didn't tell me he was doing this, or I probably would've objected. We had tried a bunch of other stuff before this, and my dog even accidentally ate some rat poison at one point (she's fine, by the way, went to the vet etc.) We tried the stuff that smells like fox pee, everything. I only saw one rat the entire time (6 month duration) and always just saw the holes. We have no ground squirrels (north east) and no moles or chipmunks. We found out that our neighbors behind us, had been throwing a bunch of trash into the swamp area there, and that is what attracted them.

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we had rats burrow and live under the cement pad in our driveway. I could never figure out if it was caving/ backfilling or an animal making the holes until I drove in our driveway one night and my headlights caught a big fat nasty rat hightailing it into the hole. GROSSSSSSSSSSS!

I kept them fed a steady and unlimited supply of rat poison and never seen them again.

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It is really bad for the environment (think ground water) to pour antifreeze down a rat hole.

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"It is really bad for the environment (think ground water) to pour antifreeze down a rat hole."

What was he thinking? I watch "Verminator" on the Discovery channel sometimes. They use the T-Rex for rats.

Here is a link that might be useful: T-Rex

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D-Con works very well, much better then traps. Good luck!

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We have seen some droppings pest control have been and checked under decking. My partner has seen one but there is another nose under there (sounds like piegions) its a weird noise panting what could it be ?

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