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nathanielmDecember 7, 2011

This will be our first and hopefully final custom home. Me, my wife and 2 young daughters. No more kids coming. Plans are a modified version of a former seattle street of dreams winner. Any comments/suggestions are appreciated. I modified the plans to lower the building cost and to make changes according to personal preferences (we dont use fireplaces, etc).

Here is the original:


And here is our version:



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The link below is of a modified version of this design.

Did Northwest Architects do the modification for you?

Here is a link that might be useful: Queen Anne house

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At first glance, two things that would bother me--there is a lot of wasted space in the first floor halls, and the nook would accommodate a longer table than the DR.


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architects nw are doing the modifications. They have a bunch of variations on their site, but we wanted to keep the covered patio and wrap around porch. Did you build the queen Anne house?

I agree about the nook, it is a weird space. Island will probably be Bigger than shown but will still leave lots of room. I have been trying to figure out how to get a European style built in table in that space but have not come up with anything.

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Very nice home, but coming in from the garage...carrying stuff in both hands...that's a long way before you get to the kitchen island--which really isn't where you want stuff accumulating.

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I agree with P Foresman's comment about the garage being a long way from the kitchen. In addition, if your fridge is in the lower corner of your kitchen, on the dining room wall, you'll be walking miles between it and the sink every day.

Could the utility room be made somewhat more wide so that coat hooks and or lockers could be put on the long wall? With two kids and all of their "stuff", it's a good idea to have an easy-to-access location (that can't be seen from the public areas of the house) for all of the backpacks, jackets, shoes, boots, sports gear, etc. Before we began the build for our new home, I asked a general question the forums of what people would do differently this time around. Overwhelmingly, the answers were that they'd make the laundry/utility room MUCH larger. (I would also suggest that it may be difficult to do laundry in a room that's basically a hallway, so a widening there would help that situation, too.)

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I had not thought about the island being a long ways from the garage. It will actually be a shorter distance than our current house or past house. The new one will be our first with a walk in pantry so we are looking forward to that.

The utility room will be more of a utility room than a laundry room. There is another washer/dryer in the master closet that will do most clothes since all the bedrooms are upstairs. It is a good idea to see about widening it though, we do not need that large of a living room and the kids already have a lot of stuff between soccer and t-ball last year.

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I'm not trying to be rude, but there is so much wasted space in that house it is unreal. Why would you need a living room, a den, and a family room? And all those huge hallways and rotundas, and huge foyer? If everyone in the family has a room to hang out in, you would never spend time together. Not sure what your fascination is with that particular house, but there are millions of other plans more efficient and homey than that one. I'd keep looking. Sorry, JMHO.

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