Toshiba works sometimes, sometimes static sound, no picture

rockgJanuary 8, 2010

First, thanks for perusing my question. I have an old Toshiba C35 CRT tv that is about 14 years old (guessing) and now, sometimes it comes on and works great, other times, mostly, it has no picture and there's static from the speakers... sort of a popping noise more than static sounds. Any ideas what could be happening. I know it's old, but last night, watching it (one of the times it works).. it had such a great picture, I would love to keep it if possible. Thanks for any help !!!

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As a follow up to my question, came home the other night, turned it out and it came on with a great picture. Well, at least it worked for that night.... now, can't get it to do anything except picture what so ever. When you cut it off, it does have a spot of light in the middle (little flash) and that's it.

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