Connecting HD home theater

johnstaciJanuary 17, 2010

What is the best way to connect an HDTV, DirectTV HD, surround speakers, Yamaha HTR 5860 Receiver, DVD/VCR component, CD player, Wii.

Right now there is HD optical cable form DirTV receiver to TV and RCA cables for audio between DirTV receiver and TV. Nothing else is currently connected.

I want to connect everything through the Yamaha receiver, but think I need to keep HD optical from DirTV directly to TV? Can everything else run through the Yamaha receiver? Where should I use RCA cables, SVideo cables, or other? I use to know the basics when everything was RCA cables..

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Let's see...
It depends on what kind and how many inputs you have in your Yamaha receiver.

TV >> Directv box = HDMI cable
Directv box >> Receiver = optical
DVD/CD player/Wii >> Receiver = whatever inputs you have left on the receiver (white/red RCA, etc.).

Get whatever cables you need from

Post what inputs you have on your Yamaha receiver.

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How many optical inputs do you have on the amp!

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