New DVR Hookup..

andrelaplume2January 21, 2010

Well, my cable co now requires a box on all tvs. This renders the 'ease of use' of my Vcr and dvd recorder usless unless I also get converter boxes for them, have them programmed to turn on at certain times for channel 4, remember to leave the DVR on the right channel etc technologically step back to the 70s!

Well I know when I am beat so I leased a dvr from the cable co. I admit it works realy nice. I wondered if I could connect the DVR output to my DVD recorder and burn content to a disc for viewing on another tv.

FYI: Right now the DVR Coax OUT goes to my tube tv's coax IN. The DVR red and white audio OUT goes to my Old Kenwood Receiver Audio IN. I usually just use 'tv' sound but its nice to turn the receiver on for some shows and I also run my dvd player thru it.

Anyway, I thought I could take the coax OUT from the back of my TV and run it to the coax IN on my dvd recorder and then see whatever I was watching on the DVR and record it. Well, all I get is static...not sure why.

Next, for the hell of it, I took the VIDEO OUT(yellow rca jack) from the back of the DVR and plugged it directly into the VIDEO IN (yellow rca jack) on the back of the dvd recorder. Boom! It worked...whatever I am watching on the DVR appears on the DVD recorder AND it records it. But I have no sound!

There is only on set of audio OUT jacks on the DVR....and I need those to go to my Receiver.....

How do I get the sound to my dvd recorder?


I thought maybe my receiver had audio OUT jacks but I see none explicitly labbeled as such. I saw something called: Monitor and tried to run them to the DVD recorder but that yeilded no sound...

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Get a couple of Y cords and split your audio to feed both your dvd recorder and your tv.

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Come on, can it be that simple? Is tehre a degradayion in sound? Someone was saying I need an A/B switch but that sounds easier....?

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If there is any sound degragation, it will be SO slight as to not worry.

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