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robertguercioJanuary 4, 2009

Hi All,

I'm new to this forum and, not having too much expertise in the field of home electronics, will probably be asking questions rather than giving answers.

So here goes my first!

There are devices on the market which will play vinyl records, play and record CD's and play AM/FM radio stations.

My brother-in-law has heard of a device which will do all this and more. He specifically expressed Syrius radio being integrated with it.

Does anybody have any information about this product on the market?

Thanks in advance,

Bob Guercio

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and what if part of the system stops working... (record player, CD player, etc...)
or part of it becomes obsolete (Syrius Radio)... (yes)

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I've not seen a single piece of gear that has all those items in one box. If it existed, I probably wouldn't want it. Too many items in one box tends to shorten it's lifespan and makes it hard to upgrade anything about the system.

You would be better off buying a receiver with Sirius capability, a decent turntable, a CD recorder/player, and a pair of speakers.

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