Wireless Thermometer

mike423January 16, 2011

I was wondering if anyone knows of a good wireless thermometer that can have multiple sensors? It would also be preferable if it was in the cheaper range around $30 (with out the cost for addition sensors). I need something that will work well and accurately but don't need anything fancy. Working in low temperature conditions accurately during winter is a must though. Thanks


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Might look at the LaCrosse WS-7013BZ-IT. MSRP is $26.95 and will accept inputs from 3 sensors.

Have you thought of Weatherbug? Depending on where you live they can have data from a number of local stations.

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My Radio Shack handles three channels and has a high/low memory but I think that to get more than one remote sensor will cost more than $30.

Were I shopping again I think I would consider looking on Amazon. Who knows what they may have.

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I've had a LA Crosse WS-9625U-IT for several years. It will accept 3 sensors.
The manual recommends alkaline batteries, but I believe I've read that for extreme low temperatures, lithium batteries be used in the sensors.
It's been so long since I've changed the batteries in mine, I can't remember what kind I have.

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