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lunchlady1948February 25, 2007

HI!! Ladies I never made it here to post last week. First time ever in our school district we had last week off, we got an extra four days off grouped up with the presidents days so a total of 6 working days off YAHOOO!! I loved it and went shopping and to lunch/dinner several times with my pals:) Fun but not good for my tracking in fact I just did not do it!

Back to work tomorrow and hopefully back on track:)

Ruthie glad you are loving your tred mill, I keep trying to think where we could put one HMMMM no where right now.

While shopping I saw this on a tee shirt I wish I had bought it.

The Frist One To Smile Wins :) :)

Do you smile alot at people?? I do always have, so my mom tells me ever since I was in a stroller out and about in the world:)

I do not get alot of smiles back tho~~~people just glare at me LOL~~but I will just keep at it and I will always WIN :):)

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Hi LL and all.............Spent a quiet weekend......ate pretty good no serious binging or any for that matter but I was up 1.8 this morning...kinda discouraging since I have really been getting the treadmill work in.........

I need to work on the smiling too...people in my area are big in that department but I've been kinda glum lately.....not feeling my best....

Hope everyone works hard and eats well..I am going to concentrate on this 1.8 pounds...

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