Starting a weight loss support group at church

susie_queFebruary 19, 2004

Last week I saw a program about a small town, not sure what state but the entire town started a weight loss program and it was hugely successful.

They had all sorts of work out groups and walking groups, the doctors in the town held discussions as well as all sorts of fitness experts and nutritionists held meetings.

Even the restaurants in town were offering special meals for the folks participating and other businesses were offering specials to those who met their goal.

I got to talking with some friends at church and we thought it would be neat to try something like that with our congregation.

I am more of an idea person, not really a leader at all but I still would like to give it a go.

Has anyone ever took on such a thing??

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this up and rolling??

So far I am pretty sure I have good motivator in my friend Greg, who is in the army reserves and a big fitness buff.

He could do the walking team part for those of us who are hopelessly out of shape as well as a stepped up routine for those who are in better shape or desire a more difficult workout.

I am open to any and all opinions.



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The motivation thing is the most important. Also you need a plan so it won't be just willy-nilly. Example - have a weight-in, a short program sometimes would be good with some brochures you can get from various organizations, then a time to talk after everyone does whatever is in the plan. In other words I think you must have a good structure for it to work.

Also, is your church pretty good size? I've never gone to a church I thought was quiet large enough to get one going.

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If you are going to require exercise I would make sure everyone has doctor's approval. All exercise classes I have taken required it and it's called covering your youknowwhat in case you are sued if someone keels over with a bad heart. Other than that go for it! Wish you were in my town. Kathy

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I'm preparing to start a weight/loss program at my church with a support group lastly. Because of the times being economically challenging now. I'm going to suggest, instead of opening the doors of the church a couple days a week, that we walk outside two days out of the week or so. I'm just in the planning stage now. Nothing written in stone.


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