Trouble with Insignia 15 inch TV

hamsterJanuary 25, 2008

I just bought a 15" Insignia TV from Best Buy for my bathroom. The HD channels will freeze frame with no sound and then the picture gets spotty "checker boardy". (not electronic savy,sorry). It seems to run okay otherwise except every morning, the breaker is flipped. I have had a regular TV in the same spot for years with no problems. Do you think this TV is bad or is Insignia in general a bad idea. I bought because of the size and price.

please advise.

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call your cable company first and explain it to them

"blocky" on HD channels

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no cable here. rural...antenna..I have other TV's on the same antenna. They are not HD. Could that be the problem? The big screen TV is hooked up to DirecTV.

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could be... or try it at a neighbor's house if they have DirecTV HD.

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Isn't all that bathroom mosture bad for a tv?

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I exchanged the TV for a different one (same brand,etc.) and having the same trouble. I assume then that it is possible that my antenna isn't strong enough to bring in the full signal 100% of the time?
What has me baffled is that both kept tripping the breaker. I put the old TV back in and that is not tripping the breaker.
I would think if your fan is a good one, it shouldn't be a big deal. I have had a TV in the bathroom for years with no problem.

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Try running a fairly heavy extension cord to another plug-in on another circuit in another room. If that eliminates the problem- there's your answer. If it doesn't then that wasn't the problem :-)

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