After conversion to digital, 'More Free Channels'?

albert_135January 9, 2009

A news brief this morning stated on the problems of converting to digital stated that after the conversion there would be "more free channels". Is this technically correct or just a news story?

I've a new TV but I can find nothing in the manual about connecting an antenna. Are they talking about antenna reception?

How does one get free channels?

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you hook an antenna to the F female connector on teh back where you normally hook up a cable box conenction.

as to teh more free channels, it is true. analog stations could do 1 "channel" per frequency. so channel 6 was JUST channel 6. but with digital they can do sub channels. so now you get 6.1, 6.2, etc. not all stations put on sub channels, but many do. my local PBS station has 4 subs right now, the local ABC station has a sub to carry Fox(ain't that a marriage made in hell!).

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I ran a new channel search on my two digital tv's including digital channels; it revealed about 50 digital channels I never knew were there. I only pay for analog cable. Who knows what lies beneath?

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Our local NBC has a 24 hour weather station on one of their sub channels. For video they show a 250 mile radar sweep with NOAA weather audio.

Our local PBS channel also has 2 national PBS sub channels.

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Don't know if you you will get channels that are distant with digital. I have hooked up a converter with my powered rabbit ears and have noted the sub channels on some stations but can't receive channels that I could further away that I could on analog. Don't know if the switch over will make a difference, and don't know which channels are already digital and which are not as my converter does not pas thru analog. Time will tell, and I hope it is in my favor...

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it is true that many will lose some channels. some stations had to put the digital TX on new towers and this may affect their coverage. in those cases some will move back to the original tower after the switch, while others will not.

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