Best way to clean carpets so my dog doesn't pee in new house...

nstaceyApril 12, 2013

I have a question some say dog urine was easier to get out then cat urine..
What's the best and cheapest way to do that? We just rented a house the landlord just cleaned the carpets and it doesn't smell but the old leasee we know had a dog and our dog was in the house for 5 min before she peed and she hasn't peed in the house in over a year so I want to clean the carpet good before we move in so my dog doesn't start peeing inside but I don't know whether to call a professional or if there is a cheaper way I can do them well my self...

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If you let the dog pee inside, well, that's your problem. Your dog has the ability to control bladder and bowel, and already proved that for over a year. The dog must be reminded where to go to the bathroom in this completely new environment. Dogs pee on stuff to try them out. That's how they learn things. They behave a certain way, and it is either reinforced, or corrected. To simply clean the carpet and not put the dog outside for a day, is reinforcing the bad behavior. Put the dog out in the yard immediately after the next accident. That is the only way to correct the behavior.

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For your dog to pee in a 'new' home isn't that unusual. My male dog would be tempted to do the same but once he knows it's not allowed (or we're living in the home) it's no longer an issue.
My current dog has never had an accident in the house, but when the carpet layers had to pull up new carpet (long story) they found a pee spot....left by my dog! They said it happens all the time with new carpet!

I think the best you can do is buy a black light and look for old stain marks, then treat them with an enzyme cleaner such as Natures Miracle or Odormute. That will give you better results than any carpet cleaner.
Accept that you may never be able to rid the house of hidden odors. If the previous dog had a problem marking the house, then there's a good chance the pad and subfloor are holding the odor.
Give your dog a short course on house training, which is something any dog going into a new household should have, and watch for and treat any areas she tends to sniff more than usual.
I don't think you'll have a long term problem if your dog was good about not going in the house.

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Sorry, no cleaning process will override a dog in need of training. May I suggest crate training which I have used for years with numerous dogs and with great success.

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Nature's Miracle helps, a lot - full strength, and at least as much as the dog donated, so when it soaks in, it will soak further.

I have found that rosemary oil is pretty effective at keeping pets FAR away from stuff.

yes, pup will need to be taught the rules all over again, but with love and firmness, that shouldn't take long.

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