Water in the dug holes in the basement

curious5April 27, 2014

Last year, a plumber dug the concrete to place the pipes for our new bathroom in the basement. There were some problems of his permance, and he is no longer working on the project - Bathroom has yet finished. The problem is I have noticed recently that the water is sitting in the dug holes. I do not know how to detect where the water is coming. Would you suggest what the best way for me to find out and how to repair it? Thank you

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That is likely the level of your water table either temporary or consistent. The water table is the underground level of standing water. Heavy rains or dry spells will change this level underground but the water table will usually stay consistent under normal conditions.

Typical construction will call for drain tiles or French drains to relieve hydrostatic pressure and keep the water level underneath the foundation. Depending on the depth of the trenches dug, the water may be at a normal level.

It could also mean your drainage system is getting clogged with sediment or you donâÂÂt have a good drainage system to begin with. Unfortunately, without more information itâÂÂs difficult to give proper advice.

A wet basement is one of the biggest nuisances IMO. I recommend finding a good waterproofing company and get their advice after an onsite visit.

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mepop, Thank you for your suggestion. I know there was no water when the plumber made the trench. I am thnking the same way as yours that dranage system has been clogged somewhere. I am going to trench the down spout from the gutter to see if that woud be a problem. If not, I may have to ask for professional help.

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toxcrusadr Clay Soil

If water is not coming up through the concrete floor (cracks, etc.), it may just be accumulating because of wet spring weather leading to a high water table, combined with the fact there is a hole there. The soil underneath may have some water in it normally, but it's out of sight out of mind until you make a hole for it to drain into. If you were to fill in the pipe trench (when it drains out, or remove it manually) and concrete over it, it may be just fine.

Do check your foundation drain lines though. If you are on a slope at all there may be plastic pipes daylighting somewhere, make sure they are not plugged. If the house is older it may not have any. We don't know anything about your house, so it would be good to have an expert look at it in person.

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