Magnavox 51mp392h/17

brucenh1January 27, 2007


I bought a 51" HD ready Progressive Scan (51mp392h/17) TV about 2 years ago from Circuit City. Just today, the blue gun is off causing blue shadows on the screen. If I go to the convergence menu, I can move the blue left & right, but not up & down. Additionally, the blue seems correct in the upper left quadrant of the screen. At the bottom, it seems to arch up in the middle. In the upper right quadrant, it is way off, up and to the right. The red convergence works correctly. Is this something I can troubleshoot and fix myself? I'm an old EE, now Computer IT/guy so replacing modules and/or soldering is not out of the question. Are there service manuals available on the web somewhere?

Any help/guidance/pointers would be greatly appreciated.



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OK, so I know this is a dead thread and probally you all either fixed the TV's or thru them out, however I'm still trying to find a Convergence circuit board for my Magnavox 51MP392H/17. I'm hopeing somone still has their junk TV sitting around and is willing to sell me the boards out of the TV. there are 3 main boards in the bottom of the set, I need the one on the left its the SSB convergence circuit board # 3135-013-3263.5 I Know how to fix mine, however I can't afford to buy a new part and I can afford a repariman so if you can please help me out with a used part I'd be very grateful.
PS, Please please sell me your convergence circuit board

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Hi, I don't have a convergence board for sale but if you know how to solder you can repair the one you have. It's not hard. If you need help finding the parts and how to replace them, let me know. You can email me at

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