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nhsuzanneFebruary 26, 2007

Good Morning All,

Come out and tell us how your weekend was!

Patti, welcome home! Glad you had a good time.

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Hey Suzanne - I didn't want you to feel alone!

Nothing exciting this weekend to report.

Where the heck is everyone?

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Hey All,

We got back from Cancun last Wednesday. It was great, but I got off my diet. Now, I am back on track and need to lose the 2 pounds I gained.

Deemarie, Hope you had a great birthday.

Gotta run,


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Hey there, I'm here!

Nothing exciting with my weekend. Got all our tax stuff together for our meeting with the accountant this evening.

DH asked me to help him in the basement on Saturday "for half an hour". OK, 2 hours later we have some new shelving and a bit more de-cluttered. He's a tiny-steps kinda guy. Takes after his mom in some ways. DMIL read the latest "Readers' Digest" about the hoarding disease syndrome. She said "that's like me, but THOSE people are sick!" Clueless!! that's also part of OCD, I guess.

Gotta run to a meeting.

Jen, welcome back!

Make today count.

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Nothing big to report here either. Had a family party on Sunday and now I am up to my eyeballs in work! (I am loving every minute of it too!)Best thing I ever did for myself was to become a private contractor for home health.

Welcome back, Jen.

DeeMarie, My DH was always piling things up and I was always throwing them away. One Christmas eve after a party at our home, I threw out a plie of what looked like junk mail into a dumpster. Turns out DHs Christmas bonus check was in that pile of carp! We spent an hour "dumpster diving" by flahlight. Oh holy night indeed! : )

NH Suzanne, how are your feathered babies doing now?

Hi Raeanne!! (waving madly)



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Suzanne - I emailed you at your office email. If you need it on your other email let me know.

HI Tikanis

Jen - I'm glad you had a nice vacation.

Dee - That would've been one expensive party!

I'm heading to work.

Have a great day.

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Raeanne, that was Tikanas' party, but WHEW---glad you found that check Tikanas!

Last evening we went to our accountant and discovered that we have some $$$ coming back, even after paying some of DH's 2007 estimated tax. He spent the ride home deciding how to spend it. Silly man.....he still doesn't understand women. I told him not to hightail it out to Circuit City just yet! LOL!!!!!!

Make today count.

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Dee - that's what I get for reading the posts in such a rush. ROFLMAO on your tax money post... what was he thinking???

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ahhhhh, YEAH, what WAS he thinking? I was considering a total spa day for me with bags and bags and bags of like really neat girly bath stuff...DUH!!!!!!

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Tax refunds are ALWAYS a woman's domain... ; )

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Good Morning,

Rabbit, Rabbit..............March is coming in like a lion and we are expecting a foot or more of snow!!

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Good Morning,

Suzanne, I will take your snow, we are supposed to be getting storms. I HATE tornado watches with a passion.

Deemarie, Definately go to the spa with that cash. Who needs circuit city when you can get a massage.

Tikanas, Glad you love your job. I can't imagine having to go to work somewhere everyday when I hate it. I love mine too.

Gotta run, payroll is calling,


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Rabbit Rabbit

Suzanne - we are getting the snow as well as ice starting around 6PM tonight. The last storm was enough for me this year LOL.

Jen - I will send positive thoughts that the storms don't come your way.

Tikanis - I agree, it is so great that you are so happy about your work.

Enjoy the day.

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After almost an hour of a boring overseas teleconference, I promptly lost the resource and planning spreadsheet I was working on. grrrrrr... Thank goodness it was only one therapeutic area and I know that the gal I was speaking with has notes to help me recreate it, but it puts me behind a day. She is 5 hours ahead, so I should have her answers tomorrow morning by the time I get in. sheeesh

Jen/Tikanas, I wish that I still loved my job the way you both do. It gets tedious at times, but the $$ is good, the benefits are over-the-top terrific, and most of the people are lots of fun. Put that together with 55 vacation days this year, and I guess I'm doing OK!

As for the spa thing, I actually have a gift certificate from my eldest stepdaughter that expires in May. It's manicure/pedicure/facial. I will take a day off soon to use that! :0)

Suzanne, I do not envy that snow you are getting.

Jen, keep safe with those awful storms.

We are heading for lots of rain over the next 36 hours, with the accompanying floods. Tomorrow morning I will have to make sure to watch weather and traffic so I can manuver my way to the office while avoiding the water.

Everyone else needs to check in! Marci? Maddie? Joanne? Zig? Lynn? Patti? John? Amy? BJ? Gretchen?

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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I know I have been MIA this week but it has been total insanity - nothing unusual there.

Suzanne and Raeanne, you can keep that ice and snow!!

Jen - good thoughts no storms. My sister used to live in Ohio and I know what that fear is like.

Dee - spa - I would love to go with you.

Tikanas - HI!!! I am so glad you are happy with what you are doing.

Will check in later/over the weekend. Be good and take care...


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Just needed to schedule an appointment with that root canal guy who worked on me in Dec/Jan. I lost the filling and have the familiar 'throbbing' that we all know and love with regards to teeth. Does the fun ever end? LOL My only consulation is that by this time tomorrow, I probably will be pain-free.

Donna, the spa is up here in my neck of the woods. I still have not forgotten about getting together with you. Will need to know your schedule this spring, so we can plan a lunch together. Maybe you can come up this way and we can both head up north to meet with Raeanne and Suzanne. We had a great time together!

Gotta run and get some reports completed before I head out to get myself fixed.

QOD: What's going on this weekend?

DH is going to a fishing show in New York State tonight, so I'm gonna watch chick flicks. Tomorrow I get my hair highlighted and then the rest of the weekend will be filled with laundry, cooking, and helping DH here-and-there with our bathroom project.

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Dee - I feel your pain sister!

Donna - thanks for not offering to take the ice and snow off our hands.

It is a mess up here. Started out as snow, to ice and now rain - big slipper slushy mess.

Suzanne - how did you make out - I heard most of NH got about a foot of snow.

QOD - nothing big planned - DD#2 is coming home tonight - so I see some shopping in my future. I am hoping to sneak out of work early tomorrow so we can have some fun.

Make today a good one.

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TGIF yeah!

Dee - I went to the dentist Wednesday - thought I lost a filling but lost part of a need build up and a crown, oh joy. You know I definitely want to meet you but I think if we could work a plan where I come up your way and we could connect with Raeanne and Suzanne that would be very cool!

Raeanne - you are very welcome for my non offer!!

Suzanne, are you digging out?? Yuck.

I almost, just almost, feel guilty saying today was a beautiful day in South Jersey, downright spring like. Unfortunately it won't last.

QOD: Tomorrow is the 4th anniversary of by BIL death so my mom and I are taking my sister out and we are going shopping!!! She is really looking forward to it. We will also connect with parents for a dinner out. Raeanne, enjoy your shopping with DD#2.

Will check in later...hi to everyone!!! Be good.


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Cancun, wow...I've always wanted to visit Cancun. The closest I ever got to the border was San Diego when I lived in Santa Monica years ago.

Seems like every time I come here, someone mentions my name :) Do I just come at opportune times, or do you really think of me that often?

How long has BJ been missing? She was missing last time I came by, too. Has she been by since then?

Does anyone watch the anime films? Has anyone watched Howl's Moving Castle? It's my favorite movie now since the first Superman with Chris Reeve.

I'm not sure if I can say I've made much progress with anything. Well, my garden is going well, and I've added zinnias, and I have butterflies that like to come and visit - nothing exotic, just monarch, swallowtails, and cabbage butterflies. I have giant african snails, too, about 5 inches long, but I don't like those so much. And I found a cane spider the size of a dinner plate - outside at least.

Well, I just wanted to say hi. I'll try to get back and read more. I know I always say that. I frequent so many forums now, it's hard to keep up, and it takes time to keep the one I have going, too.

This weekend I hope to paint and work in photoshop on a stained glass pattern for Myst Online. Myst Online has become one of my other worlds now. :) My son even sent me a book on designing virtual worlds.

Be well, and eat healthy, and love your life. Might as well, right?


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Raise your glasses to Raeanne!

Happy Birthday!!

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Raeanne ~ This is my birthday wish is for you

when the sun wakes up,
and the dew drops in,
and the breeze
whistles its song,
and the clouds dance
on the wild blue yonder,

When the forest whispers its secrets,
and the mountains echo their wisdom,
and the rivers roll with laughter,
and when the planet pirouettes in space,
till the stars tip-toe softly
'round the moon.

all day--
just remember it's all for you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone who deserves all that and more.


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Enjoy your day!!

Love, Donna

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I'm a little late, but it's still Saturday here :D


I hope it was wonderful, and I'm betting it was.
And here's to many more :)

I think we are missing Maddie singing Happy Birthday. I wouldn't do as well, but the thought is there at least. I'll come back tomorrow to hear how it all went.


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Thank you for the birthday wishes. I had a very nice celebration. I left work several hours early and spent the day with DD#2. We mostly shopped and she made out like it was her birthday LOL - I did manage to get a nice pair of tiger patterned peeka-boo toe shoes (they sound tackier than they are LOL). DD#1 had flowers delivered to my office - so that was a nice surprise. DH gave me some spa treatments so I can indulge in a day of beauty. We had a lovely dinner at a favorite restaurant.

Marci - thank you for the decorations - how appropriate.

Zig - you make me feel so special.

Amy - I am honored that you should happen to pop in at my birthday - it is always good to hear from you.

Donna - thank you, I did enjoy the day even with the leftover ice and snow haha.

Have a great Sunday - there is no laundry for me today.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAEANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (one day late) It sounds like you had a perfect day. And those shoes, oo la la!

Love, Besh

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Happy (belated) Birthday Dear, Dear Raeanne!!
It sounds like you had a perfect day with your family. I am happy you are not doing laundry today!! LOL

I can't imagine where our Maestro Maddie is.......there has been no really good singing around here lately.

Spa treatments are very good things! Enjoy, enjoy!

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Darn it! I missed the much to do, so little time. As Maddie has not shown up, I feel it is my duty to take over again....hmmmmmmm

HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY TO YOU...................
HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY TO YOU.....................

Raeanne, you are one of my oldest friends here and I wish you the very best that life has to offer. Thanks for all you do to make this such a fun place to be!

Love ya

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Raeanne - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Sounds like a nice one!

Jen - welcome back, hope it was a great trip.

Donna - I e-mailed you via this site, but have not heard back from you. I will try again.

Sorry for all you wonderful people out there who are having the snow. I cannot and will not complain about the south florida weather in winter. (however, I do have a sweater on today)

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is geared up for a wonderful week!!!!!! I gotta get back to the laundry!!!!

Take care ----------- Lynn

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I am hoping that this link works. This is especially for you NH Suzanne...I think this is unbelievable!

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