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blue_fastbackApril 15, 2007

Im not sure if this is the correct place to post this but has anyone else had problems with Talk America who is noe Cavalier Telephone? The customer service is the absolute worst I have ever seen. They have limited hours to call and I have to talk to so many different people who are incompitant. I am on hold for ever. Last tiome when I wanted to cancel my DSL I was on the phone for 35 minutes. Then when I called and cancelled my phone service they told me it was going to take 3 weeks to do. I told them just cancel at the end of the month which I was calling a few days ahead of time. I already signed up with Sunrocket phone service before this and it again took Talk America 3 weeks to transfer my number. When the woman on the phone asked me to call back and confirm my cancelation I said NO! I told her every time I call I am on the phone with you people for 30 minutes or more. I told her put it in there system I an canceling as of the end of the month. I now get a bill from Talk America which they are charging me $99 for the modem I sent back to them. According to the bill they never received it. This company is terrible. Now I have to call them again and be on the phone another 30 plus minutes to straighten out there stupidity. By the way, Sunrocket is a great company so far. The cost is $199 a year for unlimited useage including long distance. The customer service is also very good. I got right through to them when I first connected the ervice and it didnt work. They were very helpful.

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Before you call them about the modem I would contact the shipping company and get any delivery details you can. Get the tracking number, who signed for it, when they signed etc. That will be you evidence that they received it.

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I went through the same nonsense with my old ISP. They made it impossible to cancel. After wasting tons of time arguing with them on the phone, I found this link. The advice works for cell phone providers as well.

Consumer advice on closing an ISP account.

A little tip. When calling a company, get the name, employee I.D. and city the employee is in BEFORE you explain the purpose for your call. Tell them you need it in case your disconnected and need to be able to refer back to the conversation. If you tell them you are calling to cancel, they will give you the runaround and even hang up. At least that has been my experience.

Whenever you have to return something (Modem) to the company, make sure you send it certified/return receipt, otherwise you have no proof that it was returned. You will want to send your cancellation the same way and save a copy for your records and credit card provider.

Here is something I found in a forum. More of the same, different twist.

Glad your new provider is working out for you.

My "cancel" procedures with any third party.

These procedures apply to all types of cancellations. Your ISP, your hosting account, your Newspaper, your Cable TV, and numerous other subscriptions you have.

1. Prepare to take notes before you call or click. This means paper and pen, the full name of the person you spoke to, position, the date and time you called or clicked, and print any forms which are related to your cancel.

2. Conduct yourself in a VERY POLITE manner. Don't use profanity, gutter talk, slang, or other socially repugnant techniques.

3. Expect a sales pitch in an effort to retain you. This is business and no one likes to loose a customer. Even if you hate their guts, try using a simple reason for leaving like, "I no longer require your services" and say no more. Some services like your dedicated server may require written notice as per the contract you signed. Don't fight city hall, just do it and confirm receipt and save your paper work.

4. Get precise with these questions and write it down: Exactly when will my last charge appear on my credit card? What is the effective date of the cancellation? Are their any additional charges? What is my confirmation number?

  1. Save all your notes and documentation. Carefully monitor your credit card statements and insure that a new charge for a canceled service does not appear which is contrary to the question and answer you received in Item 4 above. If the vendor continues to bill you, just dispute the charge with your CC provider and don't bother calling your service provider.
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