Melted plastic inside oven - help!!

whatwasidoingApril 12, 2006

So it finally happened. I hid a pile of stuff in the oven when last minute guests were on their way over. The next day, turned it on to pre-heat and nearly started a fire. Well . . . to be truthful I did pull out the fire extinguisher and give it a couple of blasts.

SO, now I have a thin layer of plastic melted to the bottom of my oven and plastic melted all over the shelves, any idea how to remove it without starting another fire??

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scrape it off. the plastic will stick to the inside a little bit, but it usually prys right off with a little encouragement. it helps if you turn on the oven for a few minutes prior to start, not long enough to get hot, but long enough to get real warm. this will soften the plastic so that it lets go easier. if you get it too hot, the plastic will melt again and you do not want that. just warm enough so that it is not uncomfortable to reach inside for several minutes.

if you have a couple of small pieces left in there, they will burn off, but try to get as much as you can. i recommend after scraping that you set the oven to broil for an hour or so with nothing in it so that the next time you cook it does not taste like plastic.

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Thanks for the tip. I took a (new) paint scraper and got most of it off the bottom of the oven. It's amazing how tough the finish is, no scratches. I took steel wool and got most of it off the one rack and the lower burner. I had to cook the oven for a few hours to get rid of the smell.

The second rack, the one the plastic bowl was sitting on, is a mess. I will probably have to heat it a bit to get the inches of plastic removed. If the over were newer, I'd try to get a replacement rack, but the oven dates from 1952, so not much luck there.

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Also, putting that rack over a fire outside in your grill may burn it off and leave the smell outside.
Linda C

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Ha HA ha! Sorry but I did pretty much the same thing two weeks ago. I was making bread and wanted a warm place for the second rise. The dough goes in a plastic bowl and, well, "I was just gonna leave the oven on for a minute or so." "Hmm, what's that sme... Argh!" Results - bowl gone, bread dough gone, 2 racks out and scraped and held over a gas flame outside to burn off what would not scrape off easily. Warmed up oven as suggested and most of the rest came out. Left oven on high for about 30 minutes and now there is no smell. Oh, my oven is also circa mid 50s.

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Hah! I remember sterilizing some of my son's bottle nipples once while exH was picking up his parents at the airport. I was frantically tidying up the house when I smelled something awful! The pot had boiled dry and the silicone nipples had melted into the bottom of the absolutely ruined pot. It was smoking up a storm, and caught it just as it burst into flames. I was able to put the fire out in the sink, but the burnt-tire smell! -- OMG

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My hubby left a plastic cutting board in the oven. I didn't know it and preheated the oven. Smelled horrible, plastic icicles hanging from the rack and a puddle of cutting board on the bottom. Read your advice. We reheated the plastic slightly with a heating gun. Our element is so close to the bottom we couldn't turn the oven on. We scraped and used steal wool. Thanks for the good advice. We haven't been able to use it for a while, having been using lower oven only. I am used to two ovens, especially at holiday.

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Single edge razor blades and time.

Use a blade holder if you are not careful.

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