Philps tv won't power on

CandieSJanuary 9, 2013

Hi Everyone, My name is Candie and any help I can will greatly be appreciated because I cannot afford to put it in a shop. I was just give a Philips tv model # 46PFL3505DF7. If I could get it fixed it would be the nicest tv I have owed. When you push power button no picture or sound, only a white light comes on stays on for about 7 seconds shuts off. When you pull the power cord out of the back you will hear a click in about 4 seconds, and when you plug it back in you will hear a click in about 7 seconds. The set was manufactured in June 2011. Well that's my story. I would love any advice,and is worth a shot at fixing. Thankyou so much. Candie

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I didn't get exactly what you want to say. Did you want to say that there is problem with your TV set when you switch on it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Electronics

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Thankyou for checking in with me,sorry if I was confusing.the tv won't power on all I get is a click and a white light(assuming it is a standby light) no picture or sound then after a few seconds it clicks and the light go out. Thank you so much .Candie

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Try disconnecting any electronics plugged into the set - HDMI USB Ethernet etc before hitting the power button. I have a late model Phillips that takes a few seconds to scans its ports when you hit the power button. It will attempt to activate anything plugged into it before going into full operational mode.

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Thankyou but nothing is hooked up to the tv. It was just give to us

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