television goes dark and light

shakushinnenJanuary 17, 2007


I have a new television which seems to go dark and light on occassions; it's as if the contrast goes kafooey occassionally. I returned the first set, because it did the same, now the replacement is doing it. I'm not convinced it's the TV, because the downstairs set doesn't do it, and the new TV doesn't do it on digital channels, only on analogue.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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Does this occur when you are watching DVD or VHS, or when you are watching broadcasts?

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Hi JD,
I wasn't able to get the DVD running, but I put a new VHS in and got the same effect. (I detached the cable just to make sure.) That seems conclusive that it's the TV, not the cable. Seems odd though, 2 brand spanking new TVs, different models, having the same problem. What do you think?

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