infestation of little black bugs

nuevomexApril 25, 2006

About a month ago I noticed a few tiny (about the size of a whole pepper grain...the kind you use in a pepper mill). They have a hard shell. They are primarily in the window sills but seem to gravitate to the kitchen sink. Sometimes (twice, I think) I have seen them flying, but usually they are dead. We have no idea where they are coming from. They just appear. Probably the window but don't see them come in. Any ideas? Thanks

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Yikes - they sound like fleas, or mites. You can get kid/pet safe sprays to spray around the perimeter of your house that should kill them - you might want to capture a few and take them to your local greenhouse or pest elimination place to ask for advice.

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fleas the size of a peppercorn?

that would have me running for the hills.

more likely some sort of beetle (fleas don't fly)

you can take a few dead ones to your local garden center (in a clear vial, or a ziploc) and see if they can ID them and recommend something to discourage them. an exterminator would be a second choice for me - I try and stay away from things you need to wear protective clothing to handle, eh?

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Several years ago, in So. Calif., we kept our bird food in a rubbermaid container outside the bathroom, on a patio. I discovered little black bugs around the bathroom. When it came time to refill the bird feeders, Lo and behold, the container was full of little black bugs. Got rid of the bird food and the little black bugs disappeared.

You just never know!!!

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Please help me find out what these little black bugs probably the same size as fleas or smaller, you can barely see them until you look real hard. They're in the window frames and sills, and then today, I saw them on top of a bottom mattress, when I removed the top mattress. Keep in mind that these bugs are less than 1 mm in size, possibly .5mm! TINY!!!!! I've used ortho home defense MAX many times, they die, but they more come!! There are many of these outside the house on the walls also. PLEASE HELP ME FIND OUT WHAT THESE PESTS ARE!!

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Post a picture. It's hard to ID a bug from a description only.

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They may be springtails. Springtails are about the size of a flea, and they "jump" like fleas. In the springtime, when there is lots of moisture, they sometimes congregate in big groups (hundreds or thousands). If inside the house, they will tend to cluster around sinks and toilets for the moisture. Once the ground outside starts to dry out, they usually go away.

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Hittman67, sounds like you might have bed bugs. Do you have any bites? There have been major infestations of them around Seattle in the last few years...I hear they are making a major comeback.

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I have the exact same question ~ little tiny round black bugs, usually near the windowsill, at spring time. Looks like a peppercorn, hard shell, and does have tiny wings... although I've only ever seen 1 fly...the rest just sit there. Dying of curiosity ~ what is it?

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My bug sounds exactly like the bug described in Valerie's post of Mar 24,2011. I cannot even say it is exactly an infestation because I find maybe one or two (today 4)per day in various places throughout the house, but always close to the windows. They seem to seem to appear each spring, and then disappears until following year. They are so small that sometimes I think it's a piece of black lint, until I pick it off, or see it walk. Mostly they just sit on a curtain perfectly still. I've never seen them fly, and have not really done anything about them up to now. Now, after reading other posts, I may be fooling myself into thinking I don't need to address these un-invited guests.

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Tiny black bugs,THEY ARE BABY LADY BUGS.
Extremely hard to get rid of, they leave a scent for future lady bugs to come to.

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We had what sounds like the same bug, usually on our stove, which is under a window. We moved the stove away from the wall and they were all over, and lots of webbing was there - even what looked like small egg sacs of the type spiders have. We vacuumed and used insecticidal soap to wash things down before putting the stove back in place. Even though they haven't caused a problem, it was disgusting to see that we apparently were breeding them. I hope that they are gone now!

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I Just had a swarm of tiny hard shell black beatle type that flys around lights. The are size of match tip. Definitely are attracted to light but discusting can't even open are door with out them covering our ligts and falling down onto the surfaces. Had them last year tho not as bad, but 1 did make it into my hair and bit me. All summer i had 3 hard abscess on head came to the point where dr. had to do a laceration. How can something so little pack such a powerful punch. We live in a wooded area and i know it will be hard to control but any suggestions would help.
Heck have to fight the asian lady bugs in fall then these in spring can never enjoy our deck without bugs, yuck

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I've had these tiny black hard shell bugs every year now for a few years. Then they disappear and come back the following year. They sitr still but seem to spread wings oncew in awhile. Although I've never seen them fly. They look like a black ladybug. What can I do and what are they? I live on Long Island in an apartment building. They don't bite.

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This is the second year we have had these hard shell little black bugs in our bedroom. They came in by the window and now crawl on me at night. Not bed bugs though. Help. I can't sleep and commercial bug spray doesn't work. Tried vacuuming etc but nothing helps. Been killing them one by one. Please help before I go crazy!

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I just found a bunch of those little black hard shell bugs on my sheets. One was stuck on my arm this morning and when I pulled it off, it was a bit red. I've looked at sites that show bed bugs and these aren't bed bugs.I Just vacuumed the whole room including bed. Wish I could find out the name of these damn critters!

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They are spring tails. I just had my pest control guy over because I was seeing them near doors, windows & on the walls near windows in my son's room. They are seasonal bugs (if you live somewhere with cold winters...that's why they're usually dead in the house because the cold a/c kills them). They're harmless but they gross me out. The bug guy said he sprayed along the outside where they congregate in summer, but also in the indoor areas where I've seen them so their numbers will be greatly reduced. A few things I've noticed about them: if you provide a fabric where they can live under, they'll take it (I've spotted them when I've disturbed my son's curtains or lifted the area rug in our sunroom). Vacuuming helps a lot, you just have to do it often. They don't bite & I've never seen them on a person, just walls/floors. They also don't fly, but they can jump (they're often confused with fleas, the bug guy said.) he also mentioned that an infestation is really hard to get rid of but the fall will take care of that as soon as it's starts to get cold out side (I live in the northeast).
To the mommy with a newborn: I would try to keep the window of your baby's room clean & spray an indoor-safe spray along the edges. Usually the stuff they sell in stores is safe but wait an hour or so before bringing baby back in. You can also try to recaulk the window where you see cracks although these bugs fit through screens because they're so small! Keep the house as cold as possible & vacuum often. It's frustrating but you can keep their numbers in check.
I've included a link to help you with identification (scroll down to the article by Jeffrey Hahn entitled 'Springtails'). Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Springtails

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The little black bugs are Carpet Beetles, not springtails. They love wool, cotton, feather, down, lint traps, etc.

There are different types of carpet beetles. what you are finding are Black Carpet Beetles.

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mine sound like Valerie's they show up when the weather gets hot, only around my one kitchen window above the sink, never have seen them fly, black pinhead size no visible wings and when the summer is over they are gone. Theya re not springtails and I have never found them anywhere but that window. They look like little black dots. VERY small. I live in Rural N.E. Pennsylvania.

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The only way to tell the difference between whether they're carpet beetles or springtails is to observe whether they've damaged anything. Springtails don't cause any damage. Carpet beetles feed on everything from fabric to furniture. You'd find irregular holes chewed through clothes in drawers that are infested with them, for example. Either way, there are remedies for both. Call your pest control company & have them identify them for you. Another main difference: beetles have wings & fly. Springtails have no wings but they jump (they're also significantly smaller with sizes measured in millimeters). I hope you find out what they are because I certainly felt a lot better knowing my enemy!

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i have the same thing small black bugs most of the time they lay with no movement in the window sill i think their dead mosst of the time but ocasionally i see them crawling on my matress and bedding.They only seem to do this during summer there are none around my sink or toilet.In the past ive noticed random holes in brand new shirts.but however these black bugs seem to be accompinied by tanish worms with brown stripes these worms have no visible hair and they all appear to be small and ive never seen 1 bigger than the other.They do seem to shed however ive found little molted skins around my bedroom,and they appear to be most active when it rains,the worms that is.these two pests are bothering me terribly and right now ive been up all night because i cant sleep with them.please help me if you know what they are why they may be here or how to kill them please help i can provide pictures via email if needed.Or you can message me on facebook

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I got these too.. trying to find out what it is and how to get rid of them, I am in Vancouver B.C. and as many of you say, they seem to congregate around windowsills and come out in warm weather.. we had heavy rain yesterday, and today warm and sunny.. and I found and killed at least 100 .. as soon as I had cleaned one area.. they were back again.. and I cant see where they come from???. one of the suggestions here were it is lady bug larvaes ...sound like it could be true,, I have seen these bugs fly, they open the shell and fold out wings.. got a couple of macro pic's, but do not know how to attach here.. "may we be bug-free" :-)

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Richardt, I also live in Vancouver and we also found similar bugs beginning yesterday night. We cleaned them up once at mid-night and they appeared again the next day afternoon. I didn't notice any of them in the morning, but all the sudden they all showed up around window sills and a corner in front of my closet. I've used some bug sprays today, and killed most of them. Hopefully that will end the bugs. We will try to close the windows and spray along the window sills and gaps. Other than that, we have no idea what to do. Please advice if any of you has a better solution. Thanks!

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Sounds to me like the Lablab bug! (also known as bean bug, kudzu bug, and globular stink bug---scientific name is megacopta cribraria). They are completely harmless, and usually show up during the spring and early summer time. They look like black to dark brown lady bugs. Like I said, they're completely harmless, but they can be very annoying because they come in sworms, cover everything, and get into the house through any window or door. You are more likely to have this problem if you live near or around a wooded area, or any place that has kudzu, as this is one of their favorite meals, along with soybean plants. You are also more likely to see them if you live in a place with a lot of white, as they are attracted to that color. There really isnt much you can do to get rid of them, annoying, I know, but they should go away on their own when the weather cools.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wikipedia

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