DVD Recorder Signal Hum

srmcveyJanuary 14, 2007

I just purchased a Samsung DVD Recorder that seems to magnify an electrical humming noise from the cable signal. First I had hooked the DVD recorder to my TV and my stereo receiver and tried to record on a DVD. Then when I listened to the recording, there was an annoying hum in the background. I unhooked everything and now have the signal (antenna) going to the DVD recorder and from there to the TV. I have the recorder video output connected to the TV via S-video and the recorder audio output connected to the TV via analog jacks. When the recorder if off, the audio coming from the TV is fine. If you move close to the TV and listen hard you hear a very faint electrical hum which is normal. When I flip the recorder ON and tune it to the same channel, this hum is magnified to the point where it competes with the audio coming from the program. It is very annoying. My first guess is that this is a problem in the DVD recorder, but I was hoping someone out there would have another suggestion. The troubleshooting guide that came with the recorder doesn't address this issue.

Thanks in advance!


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Some more information: the TV is a non-HD 27" Toshiba picture tube and I notice that the "hum" doesn't seem to come from the speakers but from the screen itself (putting my ear next to the screen). The only way to hear it when the recorder is off is to place my ear next to the screen. With the recorder on, I can hear it sitting on the couch.

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I just bought a samsung dvd recorder too and came to this forum to learn how to hook it up. It's my 3rd one. Last year I bought one and returned it. Then this year I bought another one an RCA like my tv and could not hook it up because my tv was too old so I returned that and couldn't decide between the Samsung and Panasonic. the Panasonic was 20 dollars more. So I asked the sales lady which was easier to hook up she said to get the samsung which I did now I'm thinking I should have gotten the Panasonic . In my opinion they are all confusing and they do not play dvd's that were made from video cameras.

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