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lunchlady1948February 5, 2007

Good Morning Ladies

Did everyone have a good Super Bowl weekend?? I am not into footbal but my DH is so we had it on. I kept wishing we were getting some of the rain it is so dry here.

Well, I went to my WI on Friday~~I am 3 pounds over my goal so I had to pay DANG!! I got the booklets for the new program~~the only difference I can see is how you calculate to see how many points you can have each day~~~mine came out the same as the old way. They also have new books for everything almost all the same info just presented in a difffernt format. I think it is just a marketing ploy.

I feel good about going and 3 pounds is not bad, but I need to get down to within 2 pounds of goal so as not to have to pay $14. So I am on the Flex Plan for now, I tracked all day Sat I can have 20pts I only ate 17pts~~but on Sunday well I went over with some chips and a beer:( But can count that from my extra 35 a week pts.When I check over my Sat points it was all within the Core Plan so I think that is implanted in my brain! I even got all of my water in.

I bought a 3 month tracking journal, on each page is a recipe or a quote I am going to post some here. I liked this one best.

REMEMBER It's Just Food

Have a Great Day

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I have a couple of questions to ask if you don't mind. I did WW last January (2006) but didn't stick with it. I have all of the materials. So, my husband and I both need to drop a few pounds and I talked him into joining WW with me, so we are going to start on Friday. Are the Core and Flex plans still basically the same?

I guess my biggest question is, if we go with the core plan, I know it isn't an eat until you burst plan, but as long as we eat in moderation we should be OK, correct? In other words, I would probably be satisfied with one serving of the particular recipe, but if my husband wanted say a serving and a half would he still be OK since everything is CORE?

We haven't decided which plan we want to follow yet, so in preparation I have been surfing the web all morning looking for CORE recipes that I think would be good.

Thanks for any help as I get started, again, on the weight loss.

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There are a few very subtle changes to CORE .... one being that FF/SF pudding is no longer a snack but can be incorporated in a meal for dessert.

I eat far more than I should on CORE -- I tend to have larger servings but I have a pretty strenous job in the summer. I have still lost 33 lbs since May and am 6 lbs from goal. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 3.

My husband went along for the ride. He needed to lose 10 lbs. I made his usual lunch --- he doesn't like the FF mayo and salad dressings. If I fixed something with 4 servings --I would eat one and he would eat the other three. And he still lost 18-19 lbs!

I love CORE -- it is definitely more of a lifestyle change. I do not use any 100 cal snacks or pre-made WW treats. I carry carrots, water and an apple with me at all times. Air-popped popcorn is my best friend at 9 at night!

I think CORE works best if you are a foodie .... try alot of different things. I have discovered things I thought I would never eat -- black beans, couscous, even oatmeal on a daily basis. The WW recipes are really good -- I do not have e-tools but I hit the recipes every day and print off any of interest and glue them into a cook book. The cream of mushroom soup recipe, the cheese soup recipe, the brocolli and shrimp chowder recipes are great!

Good luck

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Here I am. I have had a terrible past week. I have eaten everything but the kitchen sink. I just hate that I am an emotional eater, and somethings just set me off. I'm back on track as of Monday but my WI is today.

I have been doing Flex but I'm struggling. I have never tried the Core, but was thinking about giving it a whirl. The biggest changes are the snacks on the new plan.

Click, I have a question for you about Core. On the Flex, they are always after you to eat your points. Have you tracked what you eat on a typical Core day to see what range of points you are eating? When I'm doing Flex, and I haven't eaten all the points, they are telling me that is why I'm not losing. So I'm just curious.

Anyway, I'm back on track and I'm not giving up. I've had a bad morning so far, I opened the bottom door of china cabinet, and the top shelf tilted (I guessed I had it overloaded) and lots of dishes and other stuff fell out. Broken glass everywhere...what a mess. It also scratched my hardwood floors. I'm not going to eat, I'm not going to eat. I'm afraid to drive now...don't want to get into an accident.

It is cold here again. Hope spring comes soon. Take care all and here's to a healthy week

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HI!! DQ Welcome to our thread, YUP the snacks are the only change I noticed in the new Core Plan~~I like Core because i do not care to track points, but if like now I am trying to get a few pounds I have gained back off faster I track.

QB I have tracked my Core Foods and am usually right on with the points I would be able to have if I was on Flex~~~if over not by more than 2-3pts.

Clink I too have eaten larger portions on Core, but I still lost and enjoyed the program. I lost between 18-20 pounds on it depending if I am having a good day or a bad day~~~but I really never went down but one size. I was either wearing my pants and tops so tight and now they just fit right or what??? But it dis not seem like it, I can now wear my wedding ring so I guess my hnds were fat, I do need new bras and i have lost my middle tummy I think that is where I carried monst of my weight OH and my calves are smaller HMP!

Why is it that mean lose without even trying!?

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I have never tracked my points on a daily basis on CORE. I probably should -- my weight loss has really slowed down in the last 6 weeks. But I did lose 2.4 lbs this week.

My typical daily menu --
steel cut oatmeal w/ 2 Tbsp. raisins and 1/2 c milk

Apple or banana

2 eggs scrambled with mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, spinach and FF cheddar cheese
Fresh fruit
Large toss salad with turkey or smoked salmon -- lots of veggies --- FF dressing with blue cheese tossed over it

Afternoon snack -
more fruit or carrots --sometimes, I eat one serving of FF/SF pudding here to get past the chocolate cravings.

WW pasta with variety of sauces -- maybe with beef, shrimp or chicken
Grilled meat with roasted potatoes and salad and veggie
Soup with salad or a sandwich on 1 pt bread (always fill the
sandwich with lots of goodies --spinach, roasted red-pepper strips, cukes, FF cheese)

Popcorn or WW ice cream treat

I use most of my 35 extra pts on dried fruit,cheese,nuts (love almonds!) wine and the occasional slice of bread or English muffin.

We try lots of the WW recipes -- just got the new Comfort food cookbook. Looks good to this midwest farm girl! Not a lot of pure CORE recipes but some can be used with simple changes -- like whole wheat pasta or FF cheese. and some things -- I'll just count into my pts.

I don't have the patience to count points and since I am a bit of a health food nut (we can all our own veggies and fruits --over 500 jars a year) and buy all of our meat from local organic farmers........... CORE works well for me. But you have to "shake it up" -- If you eat grilled chicken everyday for supper and a salad everday for lunch -- you will get bored quick.


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Hi all....doing good here...My new treadmill arrived and I have been trying it out. I know I am going to enjoy it. Lots going on right now with a 90ieth birthday coming up for MIL..kiddos coming in for the weekend....and lots of spring projects....so if I am tardy, it's not because I'm being bad...just too much going on.

I'm still working on maintaining and even losing but the losing isn't a big issue anymore..remember I told you about the skin thing...

Hope you all make all the right choices and eat well.

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Clink congrats on your weight loss:) I truely like the Core plan best too, I eat all of the grain products anyway and lots of fruits and veggies and very little red meat so it works well for me.The killer for me is my bored/stress eating:(

I saw the comfort food cook book at the meeting, but was not sure I would use it~~I will check it out again, it really did have some yummmy sounding things in it.

How are you liking your treadmill Ruthie?? I want one too, but no place to put one now. Maybe when DS moves out.

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I don't really know anything about the Core plan so I am forced to count...I should go back to WW's just to learn about Core...I am loving my treadmill but not getting nearly as much time as I thought I would...my heart said I'm going to do 5 miles every day...my body makes me stop at two and I have to break that down into two segements...LOl but at least I'm getting it done...I'm eating good and refusing to weigh myself at the moment...going to start again in a week or so but trying to get out of that scale routine...the new treadmill is going to help I know...Eat good ladies..

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