gutters and valleys

susandaleApril 5, 2006

i am having nightmares about having gutters installed on two L shapes roof edges. the valleys build up ice often[ MA winters], and i envision the gutters tearing away from the house! yet i have to do something about diverting the water away from the foundation and splash back on decks and esp the bottom corners. does this nightmare happen? and what precautions should i take?

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I have a valley in my kitchen/family room roof join....and of course dams...but never had them tear off the gutters.
I think I need to install heat tape on the roof edge.....the roof is shallow pitch, sheltered from the wind and gets a build up os snow.....and because it faces west, it gets some winter sun which melts it a but....but then the sun moves and the ice refreezes. I have had ice cicles so big I couldn't open my back door....but so far no damage to the gutters.
Linda C

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I would like to think that any gutter and down-spout man in your area could install gutters that wouldn't cause the problems you envision! If not, then hire another gutter-man! Or, move to Florida, or some other warmer place!

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