Phillips TV 20dv6942/37 shuts after 2 sec

janus_2009January 31, 2009

Have a small combo tv that has been working fine - since last week it shut off by itself. Now I can turn it on via panel sw or remote and a green LED comes on for a couple of seconds and it then goes off. I opened the back and tried securing a few connectors on the board and in so doing I was able to have the TV on for about 10 minutes so I thought I cured the problem - in so doing I noticed that when I tried to secure(move) a voltage regular attached to a heatsink, the tv would turn off - so I was really sure to have found the problem and so I re-soldered carefully the traces on the board below = I did not replace the regulator since I thought the set stayed on...unfortunately I am back to where I was - now when I turn it on via panel or remote, the LED comes on and after 2 seconds it goes off again consistently. Any help and direction will be appreciated.

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