Can't get cable on new tv

eviempJanuary 8, 2008

I just bought a Sony 32"XBR Bravia hdtv. I have Comcast cable and don't have HD on it. I have a digital promo that I got free and don't really like.

My cable connection wire to the tv has a splitter with two separate wires. The old set only had one wire connected to the tv as does another Sony Wega set. The installer said I can't get cable on the new set because he can only connect the one wire. So he got cable programming by using the digital box. However, I have to use two separate remotes-one for tv and one for cable. That is annoying and I disconnected the cable completely.

Does anyone know why the cable won't work on this set as it does on others and is there any way to get it working without having the digital? I don't want to pay Comcast for their HDTV programming and I have a good picture without it.

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if you have a cable jack onthe back of the sony, then you should be able to plug the cable from the splitter right in it. some "installers" only know how to hook up one way. if he was trained to use only HDMI or RCA connections, he won't know how to use anything else. it is real simple, it screws on and only fits 1 place.

you can use regular cable to supply the tv, you just get the full picture with the HDTV service. older programs may look grainey on the LCD, though since it is only 32" it should not be bad.

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I do have the one cable wire connected to the cable jack, but the installer insisted both the wires from the splitter have to be connected and there isn't anywhere to connect it. That doesn't sound right as my other tv only has the one wire connected. But this new one is not getting cable with just the one wire connected.

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so the cable comes out of the wall then goes into the splitter? you should be able to get rid of the splitter, plug the cable into your cable box, then go from the cable box to the tv either via coax (cable), hdmi, rca, etc. If you paid for install, I would call them and send someone else...

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I made a dumb mistake. I thought I knew what a splitter was and I didn't! I called Comcast and they said the same thing you did above. Then I found out what a splitter was and that's not what I have. The cable coming out of the wall is one line (looks like a double wire) that divides into two. One goes into the cable connection on the set and the other just hangs there doing nothing!

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disconnect the current cable fromteh tv and hook up the other one. if that does nto work, then you need to back track the cable. since it is dual cable, i would think that it is an old satellite run and may not be hooked up at the other end.

i would call and FORCE them to send another guy out.

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I did try hooking up the other cable line and got nothing.
Abt Electronics is sending someone out tomorrow to look at it, so I'll let you know what happens. I also called Comcast and they would send someone out (for a nice fee, I'm sure!). So, I'll wait and see what Abt says. Thanks!

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The Abt technician was here today and it seems the ones who installed the set didn't have a clue how to do it. This guy took one look and said he just had to program in the cable. It works fine. He also said I didn't need an extra indoor antenna to get HD on the local stations. It came in just fine. Very interesting! Thanks, everyone, for your help.

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yep, i figured you had an idiot do the install! many of these installers know only how to bring the wire into the house thru the wall. if it works fine, if not, then they ASSume you have the problem!

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